Meghan Markle’s Tumultuous Relationship With Her Half-Sister Gives Insight Into Her Life Before Royalty

She’s all smiles now with her royal status — but relationships haven’t always come easy for Meghan Markle. This is particularly true when it comes to Meghan and her half-sister, Samantha.

If you haven’t heard too much about Samantha before, that’s no surprise. As it turns out, the sisters were close when growing up, but have since drifted — and Samantha has supposedly had some less-than-kind words for her half-sibling in recent years. Here’s where their relationship stands now, and where the drama all started in the first place.

Samantha says she ‘helped raise’ her sister

Meghan Markle attends Christmas Day Church service at Church of St Mary Magdalene.

Meghan Markle eventually lost touch with her Samantha. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

There’s quite an age gap between Samantha and Meghan, which certainly affects their sisterly dynamic. Samantha is 17 years older, and Vanity Fair says she claims to have helped raise Meghan during their younger years in California.

The two of them share the same father, and Samantha’s mother is from a previous marriage, reports. And the publication also notes the older half-sibling doesn’t have much of a relationship with her mother or brother. In recent interviews, it seems she’s not too close with Meghan anymore, either.

The tabloids have affected the sisters’ relationship

Samantha Grant sits on a chair during an interview.

She didn’t hold back. | Good Morning Britain via YouTube says Samantha called Meghan a “shallow social climber” back in 2016. According to the same story, she also hinted at the idea that Meghan treated the family badly. She allegedly said the truth of how Meghan acts would totally “destroy” her current relationship with the prince.

But Samantha insists most of the scathing comments she made were blown up by the press — and it’s hurting their relationship. As she tells Us Weekly, “It’s been such a whirlwind with us and I’m sad she believed some of the other interviews I did where words I never said were taken out of context.”

And no one can forget Samantha’s odd Twitter rant

Samantha Grant sits on a couch during an interview.

She’s had a few troublesome things to say. | Good Morning Britain via YouTube

Perhaps she never really called Meghan a social climber — but according to The Sun, Samantha had it out for her half-sister on Twitter. It all started when Meghan wrote an article highlighting period poverty worldwide for International Women’s Day. Serena Williams tweeted at Meghan to congratulate her for the piece. Then, Samantha replied to the tweet questioning what good Meghan really did to create change.

Perhaps the spat is behind them, but still — this happened in March 2017.

Some reports say her multiple sclerosis diagnosis put a rift between them

Meghan Markle smiles as the wind blows strands of her hair.

They are no longer close. | Adrian Dennis/WPA Pool/Getty Images

As reports, others have claimed the half-sisters haven’t spoken since Samantha’s diagnosis of multiple sclerosis back in 2008. The report also claims Samantha said she didn’t feel separated from Meghan until she was wheelchair bound, but she has since denied saying any of that.

So, what’s the reason behind the sister’s long silence? There’s still no clear answer — though Samantha insists there’s no estrangement. Perhaps it’s simply physical distance between the two that stands in the way.

She’s even writing a memoir about her childhood with Meghan

Samantha Grant tweet about Meghan Markle.

Samantha plans on writing a memoir about their family. | SamanthaMGrant via Twitter

All the juicy details of Meghan and Samantha’s relationship will ultimately be revealed in Samantha’s memoir. Vanity Fair says the book will be called The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister. And while the title sounds dramatic, Samantha insists the book isn’t as scornful as it appears.

As Samantha says, this isn’t “some sort of slamming ‘tell-all’.” Instead, she claims she’s going to talk about her family’s dynamics growing up and the “inter-racial evolution of this country through the lens of my life and my family … and how that intersects with this recent event with my sister.”

She’s now showing her support for Meghan and her royal marriage

Meghan Markle poses with the royal family.

Samantha often has  suspiciously good things to say about Meghan. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

It seems Samantha is all smiles when discussing the royal wedding. People reports Samantha says Meghan’s relationship isn’t about achieving princess status. Instead, she says Meghan is “very creative, charming, lovely, full of life, very vibrant, she’s never changed.”

As for the marriage itself, Samantha says what’s most important to Meghan is finding someone she can truly connect with. “I don’t think it’s so much who he is in terms of royalty as who he is as a man,” she notes.

Samantha says their father is very excited about the marriage

A baby Meghan Markle lies on Thomas Markle Sr.'s chest.

Her father is excited for his daughter. | MeghanMarkle_hd via Instagram

Us Weekly reports it’s unclear whether or not Prince Harry and Meghan’s father have met — but either way, he was excited about the nuptials. As Samantha says, “just like the statement he released, he is truly happy about their union.” Samantha continues, ” … now my father and I are both so excited because they’ve had a long time to get to know each other and they know what they want to do.”

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