Melania Trump Reveals the 1 Thing She Will Never Do to Lose Weight

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Melania Trump knows how to eat to stay thin. | Win McNamee/Getty Images

As a former model, first lady Melania Trump knows how to eat to stay thin. Whether she’s in the White House or back in New York City, she can pretty much eat whatever she wants, whenever she wants it. Still, she eats smart. We can learn a lot from the things she does — and doesn’t do — when it comes to food.

There’s a handful of things the first lady will never do to stay thin — including skipping the most important meal of the day and falling prey to one diet tactic in particular (page 6).

Melania Trump doesn’t skip breakfast

  • Melania Trump doesn’t start her day without oatmeal or a smoothie.

Skipping breakfast may be a common tactic for slimming down in some circles, but America’s first lady doesn’t follow the trend. Her breakfast foods of choice include oatmeal or fiber-packed fruit smoothies, which help keep her full until lunchtime.

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She chooses her supplements wisely

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Be mindful of what you’re putting into your body. |

  • You won’t catch her taking any diet pills.

Trump does follow a supplement regimen, but it’s nothing too drastic. To make sure she continues feeling and looking healthy, she takes vitamins every day — mostly vitamins A, C, and E to make sure she’s getting plenty of antioxidants.

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She refuses to give up her favorite ‘indulgence’ foods

Three large scoops of vanilla ice cream in a white bowl.

Sometimes everyone (even Melania) needs a bowl of ice cream. |

  • Trump doesn’t refuse foods like chocolate or ice cream.

While many aspiring dieters swear off all junk food to lose weight, Trump subscribes to a much looser “indulgence” philosophy. Instead of depriving herself of foods, such as ice cream and dark chocolate, she has them when she wants them — in moderation, of course.

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She mostly drinks water …

Woman's Hand Pouring Fresh Pure Water From Pitcher

This helps keep her full. | puhhha/iStock/Getty Images

  • You’ll never see her enjoying an energy drink or fruit juice.

While she doesn’t follow most of the questionable dieting advice other celebrities promote, she does believe in the power of sugar-free, calorie-free water. She stays hydrated not just to keep her skin healthy, but to manage her cravings, too.

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… But she won’t completely give up soda

US First Lady Melania Trump attends a roundtbale

Everyone needs a treat from time to time. | Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images 

  • She’ll drink the occasional Diet Coke if she feels like it.

Water is great and all, but so is the occasional fizzy, sugar-sweetened beverage. Sticking with her nothing-off-limits dieting strategy, Trump also won’t refuse a Diet Coke if she’s in the mood for one. She’s a pro at enjoying the good stuff in small portions.

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She’ll never go on a fad diet

Melania Trump attends European School Of Economics Foundation Vision And Reality Awards

This first lady is all about healthy choices. | Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for European School of Economics Foundation

  • Low-fat? Low-carb? No-carb? Not her thing.

As people scramble for the fastest and least effective ways to lose weight, Trump sticks to her smart eating habits. The former model won’t touch a fad diet of any variety — and clearly, it’s a strategy that’s worked for her for decades.

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She’ll never say no to her favorite ‘cheat meal’

Hot and crispy chicken parmesan

This meal is her favorite. |

  • She’ll order chicken Parmesan anytime she sits down at Jean-Georges Restaurants.

New York City-based Jean-Georges Restaurants is home to Melania Trump’s all-time favorite meal: chicken Parmesan. While it’s tempting to order a simple salad to limit calories while eating out, she believes in balance — especially when it’s dinnertime.

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