Men Say These Are the Worst Things You Can Do on a First Date

It’s no secret that women in the dating world have well-formulated lists of what makes or breaks a first date. You can look in any popular magazine to get the skinny on what first date behaviors show that a guy is dating material. But men have first date expectations too, and while they seem incredibly reasonable, many women break these rules all the time!

Here’s are the worst things women can do on a first date, according to their male counterparts. (Page 5 is a huge turnoff!)

Intentionally run late

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This just isn’t cool. | SIphotography/iStock/Getty Images

Sure, it’s possible that traffic was bad or your neighbor was in crisis and you had to help them. But the fact of the matter is, intentionally running late shows that you don’t value his time enough to stick to plans. If you really are running unavoidably behind schedule, Business Insider suggests sending a friendly text — or even better, calling — to briefly explain the situation and then tell him you’ll see him soon.

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Refuse to disconnect from your phone

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No one likes being ignored. | Innovatedcaptures/iStock/Getty Images

First dates are times to get to know the other person better. So this is no time to be glued to your cellphone. “No self-respecting man wants to feel second-best,” Dr. Ali Binazir tells the Huffington Post. “So if you’re into him and answered the phone, you just ruined your chances big-time.”

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Dumb yourself down

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Be yourself. | Brians101/iStock/Getty Images

As one man tells Thought Catalog, men can see right through this behavior on a first date. And it isn’t an attractive quality. “It doesn’t make you look cute,” he says. “Going all puppy-eyed, pouting your lips to get favors doesn’t speak very highly of you too.” Instead, genuinely ask questions about subject you don’t know about, and offer up knowledge when you can add to the conversation.

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Flirt with your server

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Keep your attention on your date, not the server. | Minerva Studio/iStock/Getty Images

How you act towards your waiter or bartender on a first date is crucial. Of course, being rude to whoever is serving you is a big no-no. But going the opposite direction and straight-up flirting with your server? That’s a major turn-off. A woman probably wouldn’t want a second date with a guy who hit on the female bartender, so why would a guy feel any different if the tables were turned?

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Pick at your food

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Don’t be shy; dig in! | m-imagephotography/iStock/Getty Images

Men across the board agree — picking at your food or simply not eating at all is not just a waste of a meal, but a major deal-breaker. “How am I ever going to see myself spending time with a girl who eats less than my cat?” One man tells Your Tango. Ordering the most minuscule thing on the menu doesn’t help either. “When I’m out to dinner with a girl, I feel better when she actually orders something with substance; not just a salad with cucumber.”

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Talk about your ex

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This habit will upset your date. |

You would hate it if a man constantly referenced his ex-girlfriend on a first date. So why would he want to hear about your ex-boyfriend? One man explains to Thought Catalog how to maneuver this issue: Don’t talk about our ex “unless you’re specifically asked about him. It’s our first date, dammit.”

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Bring a friend along

Don't bring the third person in your date

Keep the date a 1-1 experience. |

As Thought Catalog points out, bringing a friend on your date means it’s no longer a date — it’s a couple people “hanging out.” Furthermore, if your reason for bringing a friend is so you feel “safer” then you shouldn’t be going out on a date with this man to begin with because you clearly don’t think he’s a safe individual. Save the friend meeting for a later date, and work on making it past the first date instead.

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