Millions of People Are Losing Weight Following These Fitness Crazes

Science has proven you can’t lose weight doing the same exercises over and over again. That’s why some of the most widespread fitness trends incorporate different types of moves within the same workout to produce the most desirable results.

Trends vary depending on which part of the United States you live in. What’s the most popular workout trend in your state? Probably not the one you’re expecting.

Daily Burn

Streaming workouts is getting more and more popular. |

  • Popular in Iowa and Maine

If you’re from Michigan, Maine, or Iowa, you’ve likely heard of Daily Burn. The online-exclusive program allows users to stream workouts instantly and work with trainers without venturing outside their living rooms.

You get out of Daily Burn what you put into it. It’s up to you to choose the types of workouts and make the effort to get them done. Like many other programs, you can start at a beginner level and work your way up to more advanced workouts.

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7-Minute Workout

Midwesterners like their workouts to be quick and intense. |

  • Popular in Wisconsin

It’s pretty cold up north half the year, so people stuck in the upper Midwest tend to lean toward quick and convenient workouts to stay fit and (mostly) dry.

The 7-Minute Workout is just what it sounds like. Downloading the app provides you with a daily guided “circuit” workout that, altogether, only lasts seven minutes. Segments range from pushups to wall-sits and more. It’s a high-intensity workout you can do while the coffee’s brewing.

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Krav Maga

Krav Maga can be learned alone, but classes are increasingly popular. | Miguel Medina/AFP/Getty Images

  • Popular in Arizona and Maryland

Kava Maga can teach you potentially lifesaving self-defense techniques while also helping you get into — and stay in — the best shape you’ve ever been.

You can learn basic Kava Maga stances and moves by themselves. But fitness classes incorporate self-defense with cardio and other moves to keep you sweating.

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SoulCycle is getting more popular by the month. | Mike Coppola/Getty Images

  • Popular in California and Illinois

You’ve ridden a stationary bike before but not quite like this. SoulCycle classes incorporate cardio, strength training, and choreography into 45-minute blocks of intense full-body workouts. The bike is only part of the experience.

You can expect to burn anywhere from 500 to 700 calories minimum during a single SoulCycle class — if you can keep up.

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DIY kits are helping TRX catch on across the country. | Amazon

  • Popular in New Jersey and Rhode Island

New Jersey, Missouri, Tennessee, and Rhode Island love TRX, which allows you to choose the difficulty of your workouts based on how “fit” you already are (or aren’t).

TRX suspension training is a Navy SEAL-inspired workout brand encouraging everyone from beginners to pro athletes to use their body weight — and gravity — to get fit. It’s a chance for anyone to exercise their full body at their own convenience.

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group of athletes doing lunges at a CrossFit facility in France

CrossFit has a passionate following. | Bertrand Guay/AFP/Getty Images

  • Popular in North Dakota and Idaho

You’ve heard of CrossFit — especially if you’re from Idaho, Arkansas, or North Dakota, where it’s the most prevalent fitness choice across the board.

Can CrossFit really change your life? Maybe, if you’re doing it for the right reasons. If you stick with it, you might fall in love — with being healthy, that is. It can take some time to get used to, but once you do, you’ll find it hard to walk away.

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Yoga is incredibly popular across the country. | Comstock/iStock/Getty Images

  • Popular in Florida, Alaska, Louisiana, and Minnesota

Hot, hatha, aerial, or other, there’s a specific type of yoga suited for just about everyone. You can take a class inside a studio, stretch in the comfort of your living room, or join a dozen others on a lawn or rooftop while watching the sun wake up.

Regardless of the style you choose, yoga is good for both your physical and mental health. It can help you relieve stress and get better sleep while also allowing you to tone up and improve flexibility.

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