Miranda Lambert Gets Slammed By Her New Boyfriend’s Wife (Then, Blake Shelton’s Reaction Is Priceless)

Typically, announcing a new relationship brings a couple joy. But for country singer Miranda Lambert, news of her relationship with fellow singer Evan Felker has caused nothing but trouble — especially because they allegedly got together while Felker was technically still married! And his estranged ex-wife has plenty to say about Lambert’s role in the divorce.

Here’s a look at how Miranda Lambert’s boyfriend’s wife has thrown shade at her. (Check out page 6 to see how Lambert’s ex, Blake Shelton, got in on the action.)

First up: Meet Staci Nelson

Evan and Staci Felker | Staci Felker via Instagram

Despite filing for divorce in early 2018, Felker’s ex-wife still uses his last name on her social media accounts. She was married to the Turnpike Troubadors singer for a year and a half, People Magazine says. There are rumors that Felker blew off his wife ahead of the divorce filing, so he could spend time with Lambert. (More on that in just a second.)

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How long have they been divorced?

Staci Felker and friends during Evan Felker’s set | Staci Felker via Instagram

According to People, Nelson filed for divorce from her musician husband in February 2018. News that Felker was dating Lambert didn’t emerge until April. However, there are rumors that the singers began seeing each other while on tour together — months before Felker was divorced.

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Hints at an affair

Evan Felker calls her “the coolest woman in country music.” | Evan Felker via Instagram

Evan Felker posted plenty of positive messages about Lambert on social media while his band was part of her Livin’ Like Hippies Tour, People says. An Us Weekly report confirms that the duo became close after spending a lot of time together on the tour. (During this time, Lambert was also reportedly still dating Anderson East. Their split was confirmed in early April 2018.)

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Staci Nelson posted a heart-wrenching photo to her Instagram story

Smart Phone

She let her feelings show on Instagram. | Blackzheep/iStock/Getty Images

Staci Nelson did not shy away from the spotlight when her ex-husband’s relationship with Lambert went public. She took to Instagram and posted a melancholy selfie with the caption: “PSA: If Staci Felker can make it through this week, so can you.”

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Check out her friend’s post

Felker’s ex spewed even more venom in Lambert’s direction when a friend posted a video to social media of Nelson singing along to the Carrie Underwood track “Before He Cheats.” When her friend sings the line, “Maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats,” Nelson shamelessly replies with, “I hope he does!”

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Then, Blake Shelton joined in

The two went through a bitter divorce. | Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Once upon a time, Miranda Lambert was married to budding country singer Blake Shelton. The two went through a nasty split and divorce that was splashed across tabloids everywhere. Shelton has seemingly moved on from the incident, although he took time to subtly backhand Lambert amid the recent relationship scandal. “Been taking the high road for a long time,” his Twitter post reads. “I almost gave up. But I can finally see something on the horizon up there!! Wait!! Could it be?! Yep!! It’s karma!!”

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Lambert’s reaction to it all

The scandal could continue for months. | Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

According to Hollywood Life, Lambert is not a fan of the negative press that her new relationship is garnering. Nevertheless, she reportedly has no intention of ending her relationship with Felker because of the stories surrounding it. Furthermore, Felker’s band is slated to join Lambert of country band Big Little Town on their The Bandwagon Tour. Does this mean the scandal will carry on into the summer? Stay tuned …

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A trip down memory lane

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert posing together.

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton fell in love immediately after meeting. | Rick Diamond/Getty Images

When Lambert and Shelton first met back in 2005, Shelton was married, and Lambert was dating country singer Jeff Allen McManus. However, their status didn’t stop the pair from having a sizzling connection when they sang a duet on CMT 100 Greatest Duets Concert.

In 2011, Lambert told  Dateline, “I knew he was married. I had seen their wedding pictures in Country Weekly. I knew better, like, ‘this is off-limits.’ My parents are private investigators, for God’s sake. I’ve seen this my whole life — affairs, and of all people to know better, I know better than this.”

In his VH1 Behind the Music special, Shelton explained, “I’ve never had that kind of experience with anybody. I was a married guy, you know? Looking back on that, I was falling in love with her, right there on stage.”

It sounds suspect to us.

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A marriage built on rocky ground

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert on stage together.

The couple worked really hard to make their relationship work. | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Shelton filed for divorce from Kaynette Williams after three years of marriage in February 2006 and began dating the “Tin Man” singer either soon before or very shortly after that. However, much of the former couple’s first year together was spent apart as Shelton was working on his an album and Lambert was touring.

Lambert told CMT News,

We’ve been through a lot of crap together—a lot of crap—and I think that in the beginning, being apart all the time and going through some really hard times just kind of…I’m glad we got over that hump because we really just get along great. We can make it, being away for weeks at a time. We have arguments on the phone, but five minutes later, we’re saying, “I love you, see you in a week,” whatever it is. We really just are best friends.

That doesn’t exactly sound like bliss.

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A volatile bond

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton posing together.

They might have romanticized their relationship struggles. | Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Though Lambert and Shelton’s relationship seemed passionate, it didn’t exactly appear to be healthy. When they finally made their red carpet debut as a couple in at the 2007 CMT Music Awards, Shelton said,

Miranda and I have a very interesting relationship. She can get so mad at me that she just wants to punch me in the face, and we’ll say that’s it. Then, 30 minutes later, we’re calling each other and acting like it never happened. I think it’s that we’re both artists, and if I want to see her or she wants to see me, sometimes it just doesn’t work out, and it’s frustrating.

But I think she’s somebody that I’m going to have in my life a long time. She’s one of those few people you meet, and have a connection with and you don’t really fully understand it, but you know it’s a pretty big deal.

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Misery loves company?

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert performing on stage.

They were together even when they didn’t feel happy. | Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Looking back, it doesn’t seem that Shelton and Lambert were meant to be. In fact, their rocky start began to fracture them.

The “I Lived It” singer told CMT News, “There were times early on there that — I know that she did and I know that I did, we were just ready to give up on it and walk away from it because there’s nothing easy about having a relationship doing what we do. But we just decided that as miserable as we are together, it’s way more miserable when we’re apart.”

Um, that isn’t exactly romantic.

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Being on display all the time

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert sitting together at an awards show.

They worked really hard to keep things together. | Christopher Polk/Getty Images

For any celebrity couple, it can be incredibly overwhelming to be on display. But Shelton and Lambert never seemed to adjust. Perhaps it was because they were both in relationships when they initially connected. The pair often made snide comments about the press and tabloids instead of just ignoring them.

In a 2014 interview with 60 Minutes, three years after they were married, Shelton said,

We try so hard to keep people’s focus on what we do and not our marriage. It’s almost impossible to do that, and why open that door any further than it already is open by sitting down and doing interviews together and giving every freakin’ magazine out there a two-sentence quote that’s turned into alien babies… There’s no reason for us to do that.”

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Fast forward to now

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani during the NFL game at the University of Phoenix Stadiu

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani | Christian Petersen/Getty Images

By the time Shelton gave his interview to 60 Minutes in 2014, his marriage to Lambert was virtually over. The duo announced their divorce and its finalization on July 20, 2015. Apparently, too much time apart, big personality differences, and a ton of drama from the beginning contributed to the couple’s downfall. Now, three years later, the drama continues.

After Shelton commented on Lambert’s new relationship, her former beau Jeff Allen McManus chimed in with a now-deleted tweet aimed at Shelton. He said, “You know, I’ve always given you the benefit of the doubt and chalked it up to just being human, But you must be one arrogant SOB to pop off something like this, when I know damn good and well you were cheating on your wife and Miranda was cheating on me when you two started up.”

Meanwhile, Nelson’s father coyly commented on Lambert’s man-stealing reputation. He said, “I don’t like to spread rumors, but I’d say you’re on the right track.”

Additional reporting by Aramide Tinubu.

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