Miranda Lambert’s Latest Drama Shows 1 Very Important Pattern In Her Dating Life

Miranda Lambert has been all over the tabloids recently. And it’s not because she’s going on tour this summer with Little Big Town. After it was revealed that she was dating sing-songwriter Evan Felker, rumors swirled that the country singer actually broke up his marriage. (And ruined her own relationship in the process.) Unfortunately for Lambert, this isn’t the first time.

Here’s a look at Miranda Lambert’s chaotic relationship history — and check out page 6 to see the important pattern we’ve found.

First up: What’s up with Felker?

Miranda Lambert and Evan Felker collage.

Left: Miranda Lambert accepting an award. | Jason Davis/Getty Images, Right: Evan Felker playing his guitar. | Jason Kempin/Getty Images

In early April, Lambert and the Turnpike Troubadours singer went public with their relationship. It’s believed that they started seeing each other earlier this year while on tour together. This means they were an item while Felker was still married.

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A woman scorned

Staci Felker and Evan Felker's wedding photo.

Staci Felker’s husband cheated on her with Miranda Lambert. | Staci Felker via Instagram

Felker’s estranged wife, Staci Nelson, took to social media to bash Lambert and her ex-husband. Posts created by Nelson and her friends suggest that Felker was in fact unfaithful. There is also a rumor that he ditched his wife to go on vacation with Lambert ahead of Nelson filing for divorce in February.

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Another one bites the dust?

Miranda Lambert posing with Anderson East on a red carpet.

Miranda Lambert might have also cheated on Anderson East with Evan Felker. | Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

You may recall that Lambert dated singer Anderson East for a couple years following her divorce in 2015. (More on that in just a moment.) Her split from East was only confirmed a little before she and Felker went public, meaning she may have cheated as well.

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Enter, Blake Shelton

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton sitting together at an event.

Shelton and Lambert also struggled in their marriage due to cheating allegations. | Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Lambert and Shelton were once the seemingly perfect country-singing couple. Then they got divorced, and a very chaotic public spat ensued. During their public falling-out, there were many whispers that Lambert had “a wandering eye” and may have cheated on Shelton.

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Here’s where things get really messy

Blake Shelton's tweet

Shelton fired off some cryptic tweets. | Blake Shelton via Twitter

After Evan Felker’s ex slammed the new couple on social media, Shelton posted a cryptic tweet indicating that Lambert was getting a dose of karma for cheating on him in the past. As if that wasn’t crazy enough, one of Lambert’s other ex-boyfriends went off saying that she cheated on him with Shelton several years ago!

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An apparent pattern

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert posing and smiling together.

Lambert seems to have a track record for cheating. | Rick Diamond/Getty Images

These allegations, both past and present, lead us to believe that Miranda Lambert has a reoccurring issue with infidelity. “Miranda has a problem staying faithful to anyone,” one undisclosed source told Us Weekly. Another added: “Miranda knew Evan was married but that didn’t stop either of them … She isn’t remorseful.”

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The drama will likely continue

Miranda Lambert in front of a mirror.

Lambert might not be willing to slow down. | Miranda Lambert via Instagram

Us Weekly points out Miranda Lambert isn’t likely to change her relationship pattern anytime soon. “Miranda is insecure and has too many ‘yes’ people in her life,” one mouthpiece tells the publication. To make matters worse, fans are turning on her because it doesn’t appear that she can stay faithful — or away from married men.

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