You’re More Likely to Develop Dementia If You Have 1 of These Devastating Health Conditions

There are many possible things that increase your dementia risk. Your age and genes matter — the older you get, the greater your risk — but they aren’t the only factors at play. Your daily habits don’t just affect you in the near future. They can predict how healthy you will, or won’t, be years from now.

Certain health conditions, like high blood pressure and obesity, also increases your chances of developing dementia. Here are the ones you probably didn’t know about.

Your lifestyle predicts your dementia risk

Smoker smoking

Smoking increases your chances for a lot of diseases. | Terroa/iStock/Getty Images

There is an indirect connection between bad habits — such as smoking — and dementia risk. Smoking, for example, increases your chances of developing certain types of heart disease, which further increases your risk of dementia. The higher your overall disease risk, the more likely you are to get sick.

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