These Are the Most Dangerous Exercises You Can Do If You’re Over 50

They say age is just a number. But when it comes to exercise, age can say a lot about what you can and can’t do. Sure, someone may be in peak physical condition well into their 50s, but certain workouts carry a greater chance of injury and other health issues. These are the most dangerous exercises you can do if you are over 50, including one common workout that can lead to deadly complications (page 10).

1. Long-distance running

Woman runner running on city road.

Your joints and muscles might get tired easily as you age. | lzf/iStock/Getty Images

Cardiovascular exercise should be incorporated into everyone’s regime. However, running long distances shouldn’t be your cardio of choice if you’re over 50. Since your aerobic capacity declines as you age, you likely won’t be able to maintain the rigorous pace you once could. You don’t have to stop running altogether; just tailor your run so it’s more manageable.

Try instead: Running at a moderate level, with intervals of brisk walking in between.

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