This Is the No. 1 Most Hated ‘Bachelor’ Couple of All Time

ABC’s The Bachelor may just be a reality TV franchise, but we always hope the couples who come out of it will find true love in each other. However, there have been some couples who we just couldn’t bring ourselves to root for.

Whether they revealed their ugly sides after-the-fact or we could always tell they weren’t meant to be, these are our picks for the most hated Bachelor couples of all time. In the words of Taylor Swift, we’re sure everyone can agree that the No. 1 worst couple is “never ever ever getting back together.”

7. Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi, The Bachelor Season 21

TV personalities Vanessa Grimaldi and Nick Viall.| Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Vanessa Grimaldi may have been an early front runner on Season 21 of The Bachelor, but we always knew she and Nick Viall just weren’t compatible. She warmed our hearts when she introduced Viall to her life as a special education teacher, but Viall failed to warm our hearts … ever. Maybe he just doesn’t translate well on-screen, but he didn’t seem to have much of a personality.

The nail in the casket may have been their shared unwillingness to move away from their homes (Grimaldi being from Montréal and Viall living in Los Angeles). Despite their stubbornness, Viall proposed to Grimaldi, anyway — and she accepted. However, only five months after their proposal aired, they called it quits on their engagement.

A source told E! News, “Nick and Vanessa have wanted to end this for a while now but [were] trying to figure out the right timing.” We could have guessed that, considering how miserable they both looked at Carly Waddell and Evan Bass’ wedding on Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise.

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6. Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth, The Bachelorette Season 11

The Bachelorette

Shawn Booth and Kaitlyn Bristowe | The Bachelorette ABC

Part of the deal when signing up for The Bachelorette is accepting that the woman you’re fighting for will be getting intimate with other people. However, Shawn Booth had a particularly hard time with Kaitlyn Bristowe’s sexual tendencies on Season 11, and he let it be known. He tried relentlessly to control her actions, but considering it was her season, she had every right to explore whatever she needed to in order to find her husband.

Bristowe ended up choosing Booth, and the two got engaged. They’ve since claimed to have improved their relationship, and wedding plans seem to be in motion.

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5. Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul, Bachelor in Paradise Season 1

Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul on the red carpet. | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul seemed to be a Bachelor in Paradise success story, but that turned out to be far from the truth. Grodd proposed to Faddoul after the final rose ceremony of Season 1, and the couple even wed on TV. However, their televised nuptials weren’t legal, and the couple split before they made their marriage legitimate — which left fans feeling cheated.

Grodd told People, “Looking back now, it just seems like [Lacy] became a different person. Her priorities changed, what she wanted in life changed. She was just a very different person from when I first met and got engaged to.”

He added, “It became a toxic relationship at times. She was very controlling. I was more of an appeasing person. I wouldn’t want to fight. There were a lot of barriers that we couldn’t overcome. I think that that made her change her mind.”

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4. JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers, The Bachelorette Season 12

The Bachelorette

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers | The Bachelorette ABC

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers may be a controversial choice to add to the list, but fans are still upset about how Season 12 of The Bachelorette went down. All signs were pointing toward Fletcher choosing Robby Hayes, whose feelings seemed completely genuine. Even her family was rooting for Hayes, but in the end, Fletcher chose Rodgers.

If you watched her season, you’ll remember the constant bickering and Rodgers’ inability to show his feelings. He seemed like the obvious wrong choice, and even Fletcher claimed she usually goes for the wrong guys. She actually admitted Rodgers reminded her of men from her past, but considering they’re still engaged, we’re hoping he proved to be different.

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3. Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell, The Bachelor Season 18

People were not fans of this duo. |  Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational

Juan Pablo Galavis is often referred to as the worst Bachelor in the show’s history, so it’s no surprise that he and Nikki Ferrell became one of the franchise’s most hated couples. During Galavis’ season, Andi Dorfman accused him of being emotionally unavailable and conceited — which we totally agreed with her on.

Although he ended up choosing Ferrell in the end, he refused to say “I love you,” leaving Bachelor Nation feeling mortified. His inability to show affection became a serious problem, and the pair ended up on VH1’s Couples Therapy. However, their relationship couldn’t be saved.

According to People, the couple made small improvements in their relationship during therapy, but Ferrell “finally decided that she didn’t want to keep up the facade anymore.”

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2. Courtney Robertson and Ben Flajnik, The Bachelor Season 16

Courtney Robertson and Ben Flajnik | The Bachelor ABC

It’s not often that the villain ends up winning the heart of the Bachelor, but Courtney Robertson did just that in Season 16. Ben Flajnik proposed to Robertson in the end; however, things only went downhill from there. Once the season aired and Flajnik witnessed Robertson’s wicked behavior on the show, he called their engagement off.

They announced their rekindled relationship at the After the Rose special, but in October 2012, they permanently split. Only after that, however, did things get particularly interesting. In June 2014, Robertson released a tell-all memoir about her time on The Bachelor, titled, I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends.

In the book, she reveals secrets behind being a Bachelor contestant and the dirty details of her sex life with Flajnik. It goes without saying that Flajnik wasn’t pleased — and we’re sure ABC wasn’t, either.

Robertson told the Daily News, “I went for it. I thought, ‘If I’m going to write this book, I’m going to really go for it.’” And that’s just what she did.

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1. Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray, The Bachelorette Season 10

The Bachelorette

Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray | ABC

The award for most hated couple in the franchise’s history has to go to Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray. Season 10 of The Bachelorette came with loads of drama — most of which came to light after the two ended their nine-month engagement. Dorfman followed in Robertson’s footsteps by releasing a tell-all book, It’s Not Okay: Turning Heartbreak into Happily Never After, which exposed Murray as “jealous and emotionally abusive” in May 2016.

According to Us Weekly, Dorfman confessed “that during fights, [Murray] would sometimes call her a b*tch or a wh*re.” She called her time with Murray “the most volatile and f*cked up relationship of my life.”

We always have hope for couples to make it in the Bachelor franchise, but it’s definitely for the best that Murray and Dorfman went their separate ways.

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