Moving in Together? How to Make a Home Feel Like “Ours”

couple moving in together

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Moving in together is a huge step in any relationship. While everyone comes in with their own things, like that antique chair that belonged to Grandpa, or a favorite set of dishes, it’s important to find ways to make the space as comfortable as possible and really represent the both of you. More importantly, you can work on this project together. Here are some simple tips for couples to create a harmonious home in any space.

Out with the old

While it is ideal to move into a new place together, that doesn’t always happen. So, if one partner is moving into the other’s space, it’s time to clean, purge, and create new memories. Don’t forget to make sure there are no remnants of previous relationships. Search everywhere from under the bed to under the sink and even the medicine cabinet. We’ve all heard horror stories of discovering a former partner’s clothing or even worse, undergarments. Don’t scrimp on this purge. Really look through everything so you can clean and start anew.

Better your bedroom

We all know how important our bedrooms are. A new set of sheets and even a new duvet or comforter is one of the easiest and fastest ways to change the entire look of a bedroom. It’s also fun for couples to choose these things together. Wayfair has tons of choices in every price range and a lot of customer reviews, so you know you are buying the right thing. If you are really into unique prints, Dwell Studio, which was recently purchased by Wayfair, might have exactly what you are looking for.

Towel time

Everyone likes a fresh towel, but we all have some that have seen better days. Either throw your old towels out or use them for cleaning. You can also donate them to your local animal shelter.

Getting out of the shower and using a fresh, new towel can be invigorating, kind of like moving in with your partner. My personal favorites are Ralph Lauren’s Lauren Body Sheets. They are thick, fluffy, and huge. You can wrap your whole body up in them. Ralph Lauren also offers monogramming, which is a nice thing to do if your relationship involves any name changes. It might even be a fun gift to surprise your significant other with.

If you like it, then frame it

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There is no faster way to turn a space from a bachelor pad to your first home together than framing some photos of you two and putting them everywhere from the bedroom to the living room and office. Most chain drug stores have kiosks where you can print out photos from your social media in just seconds.

Rearrange your furniture

Move that desk to the other side of the room. Change the angle of that comfy chair so it is a little closer to the television. Rearranging furniture is free and a fun project you two can do together. It can also make an old space feel new.


Adding fun and comfortable accents is so easy, like getting some new pillows for your couch. Cavern Home has two options that work well with any décor style. The Lottie pillow adds a feminine touch, whereas the Aztec Arrow is more on the masculine side.

Change up the walls

There’s nothing that feels colder than plain white walls, so consider repainting. You don’t have to re-paint an entire space. Just one room or even one wall can make a huge difference. It’s also a great DIY project for couples to work on together.

Wallpaper is another option. Cavern Home has a line of very unique wallpapers that can make an old boring wall just pop.

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