10 Things You Should Never Tell Your Partner Via Text Message

Gone are the days of actually talking on the phone, which can only mean one thing: Our way of daily communication has become text message central. Even research shows about 31% of Americans prefer texting to talking on the phone. And while some things are better left unsaid, some messages should be delivered in person. This is especially true for anything related to relationships.

When it comes to communicating with your partner, texting may only muddy the waters. So, as a rule of thumb, here are 10 things you should never send via blue bubble. You can thank us later.

1. “What are we?”

young woman driving in black car and checking her phone

Never ask anyone this over text. | iStock.com/nandyphotos

The defining the relationship talk is a necessity in any romantic relationship. If you’ve made it to the official boyfriend/girlfriend stage, you’ve probably had this conversation at some point. And hopefully, you had it in person because, as Glamour cautions, striking up a casual conversation about the status of your relationship over text isn’t the best idea. In fact, it just might be the worst.

2. “I love you”

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“I love you” should be delivered in person. | iStock.com

Yikes. We agree with Cosmopolitan — dropping the L-bomb for the first time via text message is just the wrong way to go. There’s no two ways about it. And how’s your significant other supposed to respond if they don’t exactly feel the same way? The moral of the story is it’s far better to deliver your feelings face to face.

3. “Want to meet my parents?”

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This should be discussed in person. | iStock.com/LittleBee80

While wanting your partner to meet your parents is a major step is most relationships, it’s also one that deserves an in-person discussion. As Shape told readers, the topic puts your partner on the spot without leaving them a reasonable way out. Maybe your significant other just isn’t ready to meet the parents, and you should be open to that possibility. Not to mention, it’s bound to start an argument if he or she declines when asked via text message.

4. “I’m late”

businessman shouting on the phone with gesture on the car

Definitely do not surprise your partner with this text. | iStock.com/Tomwang112

This is, no doubt, the mack-daddy of terrible text messages (and no, we don’t mean late for the movie). Dropping a possible pregnancy announcement via text is one of the worst things a woman can do. Even if you and your partner were trying, it’s just never an acceptable move. Like, ever. The worst case scenarios are your partner is out of town and you just can’t wait to share the news … or you’re dreading it. Either way, at least take to FaceTime or Skype.

5. “I have an STD”

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Notify your partner of this in person. | iStock.com/Prykhodov

Yet another yikes-worthy moment. Revealing your STD status to the person you’re sleeping with is nothing to mess around with. But please, spare them the near heart-attack moment, and deliver the news in person. Not only will texting scare the hell out of your partner, but you’ll definitely succeed in pissing them off. Sharing your status is imperative; doing it over a text is just plain cruel.

6. “This isn’t working out”

Broken heart hanging

Save the breakup for in-person conversation. | iStock.com/grafvision

“I think we should see other people.” “This isn’t working out.” “I need space.” Whichever way you word it, breaking up via text message will always be taboo. As Reader’s Digest says, “Whether you went on two dates or were in a committed relationship for a year, ending your romance via blue bubble is not only tacky, but very hurtful and disrespectful.” You really shouldn’t disregard your partner’s feelings on this one, so avoid the easy way out.

7. “The doctor gave me bad news”

serious pensive young woman with smartphone

Don’t scare your partner with this text. | iStock.com/ViewApart

According to Bustle, news that will scare the recipient shouldn’t be delivered over a text message. No one needs to read about your recent diagnosis of a serious disease or illness, especially not someone who loves you. Don’t worry them until you have time to sit down and explain the entire situation in detail. If it’s absolutely urgent, the very least you can do is call. There’s simply no need to send your partner into a panicked frenzy.

8. Your relative (or pet) died

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Don’t deliver sad news over a text message. | iStock.com/iprogressman

Any way you slice it, delivering news that a loved one — be it Grandma or Sparky — has passed away is just in bad form. Seeing as you probably agree with us on this one, we won’t go into too much explanation here. All we’ll say is don’t do it. OK?

9. “I’m sorry”

Woman holding iPhone in cafe

An apology won’t sound as good over text. | iStock.com/Prykhodov

Apologies following a big fight should be delivered in person, plain and simple. According to Thought Catalog, you’re better off saving a sincere apology for when you’re actually face to face. How sincere can your words seem if you’re not actually speaking to them? Actions really do speak louder than words, except when it involves texting fingers and choice vocabulary.

10. Nude pics

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Just don’t do it. | iStock.com/AntonioGuillem

This should be a no-brainer, but unfortunately, we’re living in a world where everything — and we mean everything — lives in cyberspace forever. Until the end of time, all those nudie pics and scandalous shots will be out there, just waiting to make their grand appearance. Don’t let that be you. And don’t let it happen to someone you love. Lovers don’t let lovers send nudie pics.