New Film Reveals the Truth Behind Whitney Houston’s Tragic Childhood and How It May Have Led to Her Death

Whitney Houston was adored by millions, and her tragic death at just 48 years old came as a total surprise. And while many people blamed her ex-husband, Bobby Brown, for “corrupting” her, a recent documentary shows that Houston struggled from a young age. But what tragic happenings did she really endure that may have led to her early death? Check out page 5 to see the surprising truth.

Houston’s 2012 death shocked fans around the world

Whitney Houston’s death shocked the public. | Scott Gries/ImageDirect/Getty Images

When the news broke about Houston’s death, fans and the public could not believe it. Houston was found unconscious in her Beverly Hills hotel room’s bathtub. Paramedics tried to resuscitate her, but it was too late and she was pronounced dead 25 minutes after she was found. But after Houston’s death, speculation and rumors about her drug use almost immediately began surfacing.

Next: Houston had various drugs in her system, but certain drugs were ruled as not playing a factor. 

Heart disease and drugs were the apparent cause of death

A number of drugs were found in her system. | Samir Hussein/Getty Images

When Houston’s autopsy was finally released, it showed that atherosclerosis, a type of heart disease, and cocaine were the two biggest contributing factors in her death. She also had several prescription drugs, such as Xanax and the muscle relaxant Flexeril, in her system. But the autopsy ruled prescription drugs were not a factor. Houston also had marijuana in her system. But the heart disease likely stemmed from years of cocaine use.

Next: Bobby Brown said in a 2018 interview that drugs didn’t kill Houston. 

But her former husband, Bobby Brown, does not believe drugs killed her

Bobby Brown thinks she died of a broken heart. | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

In a 2018 interview with CNN, Bobby Brown disputed the coroner’s report, saying he doesn’t think drugs had anything to do with Houston’s death. Brown said, “Just being brokenhearted,” was really what caused her death. He said she had been working hard to sober up in the years leading up to her death. Brown and Houston married in 1992 and divorced in 2007.

Next: Her childhood wasn’t nearly as easy as everyone thought. 

Houston’s childhood was not the fairytale it seemed

Before she reached the peak of stardom, she had a dark childhood. | Jerome Delay/AFP/Getty Images

Many people blame Houston’s downfall on corruption from ex-husband Bobby Brown. But Houston’s life was no fairytale. Born in Newark, New Jersey, Houston grew up in a time when race riots were taking over the city. According to a 2017 documentary, Houston grew up in a bad neighborhood and her brothers were into drugs. Her brother actually confessed to Oprah Winfrey in 2013 that he got her started on cocaine. But recently, new information about her childhood emerged and sent shockwaves: Houston was sexually abused as a child.

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Recent sexual abuse revelations could piece together part of why Houston turned to drugs

Houston was allegedly abused by her cousin Dee Dee Warwick, sister of Dionne Warwick (above). | Larry Busacca/Getty Images

The newest documentary about Houston’s life claims that she was sexually abused by her cousin, Dee Dee Warwick, who was the sister of Dionne Warwick. Dee Dee Warwick died in 2008. Houston’s half-brother, Gary Garland, said that he had been sexually abused and believes Houston had, too. Houston’s aunt, Mary Jones, also confirmed the abuse. Houston was more of a broken child than anyone realized.

Next: Drugs may have helped Houston numb the pain from her childhood. 

Houston may have turned to drugs to numb the pain of her abuse

Her drug use and erratic behavior became more pronounced in her final years. | Larry Busacca/Getty Images

These new allegations of sexual abuse point to something more than just influential brothers in terms of Houston’s drug use. If Houston was sexually abused, the drugs may have helped her avoid that part of herself. The high may have been her escape from reality. People reported that when Bobby Brown was asked about the abuse, he said he didn’t know of it. But Houston’s family said they would have been surprised if she’d told him.

Next: Houston’s heart disease was likely a direct result of cocaine use. 

Drug use lead to the heart disease that was eventually responsible for her death

Years of cocaine abuse likely contributed to her heart disease. | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

A big part of Houston’s death was due to atherosclerosis, a type of coronary artery disease. Houston’s repeated cocaine use for years was likely the reason she was found to have this heart condition. Studies have shown that those who use cocaine for long periods of time are at a much greater risk of developing heart disease. Decreasing cocaine use reduces the risk of developing heart disease at a young age. Houston was only 48 when she died — surprisingly young.

Next: Houston’s daughter tragically died in a similar way. 

And her daughter suffered a similar fate

Bobby Kristina Brown, with Houston and 2nd cousind Dionne Warwick, died tragically young. |  Larry Busacca/Getty Images For The Recording Academy

Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of Houston and Bobby Brown, died suddenly at just 22 years old. Bobbi Brown was found unconscious in a bathtub, and she remained in a coma for seven months. She died from Lobar pneumonia, which was the result of brain damage from oxygen loss. Marijuana, alcohol, morphine, and cocaine-related drugs were found in Bobbi Brown’s system at the time of her death.

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