All the Normal, Everyday Things Queen Elizabeth Has Never Done

“Royals and celebrities: They’re just like us.” You’ve probably seen this headline plastered on tabloids a few times. Yes, the royal family is pretty down-to-earth compared to their predecessors. However, there are still plenty of everyday tasks they have never done because of their privilege.

Queen Elizabeth was raised in a far less relaxed royal regime and became queen at a very young age. As a result, there are plenty of normal things she’s never done — things most people do each day without a second thought.

She’s never voted

The queen is politically neutral. | John Stillwell-WPA Pool/Getty Images

It’s a common misconception that the queen can’t vote. Legally, the queen is allowed to vote. This became a controversial subject as many wondered whether she would cast a ballot in the Brexit referendum. According to the Buckingham Palace website, Queen Elizabeth “has to remain strictly neutral with respect to political matters” and is “unable to vote or stand for election.”

So while legally the queen can vote, she abides by the palace’s guidelines. “By convention, the queen doesn’t vote, rather than because of a legal impediment,” an Electoral Commission spokesman told the BBC.

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She doesn’t grocery shop

The queen seemed out of her element at the grocery store. | Justin Tallis-WPA Pool/Getty Images

“Neither queens nor kings, not even princes, and princesses are supposed to go to something as un-royal as a grocery store,” Forbes reported. So, naturally, the media had a field day when the queen visited a grocery store. She wasn’t grocery shopping — The Huffington Post pointed out she looked “a bit out of her element as she wandered up and down the aisles of food” — rather she was fulfilling a royal duty.

She stopped by the British Waitrose Supermarket with Prince Philip, Prince Charles, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. Queen Elizabeth was opening a new district center, Queen Mother Square, in Poundbury.

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She’s never had a day job

Queen Elizabeth II arrives at King's Cross railway with her corgis

The queen doesn’t know anything other than how to be the queen. | STF/AFP/Getty Images

Being queen of England is enough responsibility as it is. While Queen Elizabeth’s position is arguably a 24/7 gig, she’s never held a day job like the majority of the world does. Some of the queen’s favorite hobbies include horseback riding, spending time with her corgis, and football.

Maybe she would have been a riding instructor or dog trainer had she not been crowned queen. However, as far as her royal role goes, she’s doing a pretty great job. A 2016 King’s College poll showed 70% of Brits wanted the queen to retain her position.

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She never gases up her car

Queen Elizabeth driving her SUV

The queen loves her cars. | Carl De Souza/Getty Images

She never had to wait in line to get her license photo taken, either. The queen is the only person in the U.K. who can drive without a license or license plate. It’s part of the “royal prerogative,” or powers and rights that she alone possesses.

And the queen loves to drive. She enjoys taking her family members for rides in her Range Rover and was spotted in May 2017 driving her green Jaguar home from church.

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We’ve never seen her hit the gym

Queen Elizabeth and her corgis

Keeping up with her animals has kept the queen healthy. | The Royal Family via Facebook

She’s 92 years old and England’s longest reigning monarch, yet we’ve never seen her hit the gym even during her youth. What are the queen’s secrets to longevity?

According to Queen Elizabeth’s former chef Darren McGrady, her love for animals keeps her young and active. She spends time caring for her horses and corgis and never obsesses over what she eats.  He called the queen “very disciplined,” saying it’s what “helps keep her so well and healthy.”

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She’s never had a social media account

Kensington Palace official residence

Kensington Palace has a social media account. The royals don’t. |

Meghan Markle’s fans were disappointed when the soon-to-be royal deleted her popular Instagram account. However, it’s uncommon for a member of the royal family — born or married in — to have personal social media accounts. Instead, the official Kensington Palace Instagram and Twitter accounts release information to the public on behalf of the royal family.

While Queen Elizabeth has never gotten the millions of likes she deserved on a picture of her corgis, she did send her first email in 1976 from an army base.

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She’s never hit the bar for happy hour

The queen has never drank in public. | JustinTallis-WPA Pool/Getty Images

The queen reportedly drinks four cocktails daily, including two gin-based cocktails, a glass of wine at lunch, and Champagne before bed. However, don’t expect to see her drinking them at a pub anytime soon.

The one time the queen appeared at a pub was on a visit to the 900-year-old Bridge Inn in Devon. Palace officials reportedly spotted the pub via their website and arranged a visit because of its traditional image. The landlady, Caroline Cheffers-Heard, presented the queen with a bottle of special 101 ale. “I didn’t offer her a drink and she didn’t ask for one,” she recalled to the Independent. “But it would have been nice to have served her.”

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