North Korea: Shocking New Trend Reveals Leaders’ Horrible Habits

North Korea has never been on the winning side of human rights. The Kim regime is as brutal as it is insatiable. Their habits have become decadent and reprehensible, to say the least. Now as more and more North Korean’s defect to the south, we are afforded a deeper look into the dark trends that everyday North Koreans face under their totalitarian leaders.

Attitudes toward sex are changing under Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un waving from a balcony.

Something is changing and it isn’t good. | Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images

Under the country’s founder, Kim Il Sung, sex was still somewhat taboo. Much like the west during his time, sex was something that was rarely talked about in an open forum. People waited until marriage for sex and any “womanizing” was still held to a certain standard of decorum.

Learning about sex is still very basic. Most males learn about sex from peers and older relatives. Women, however, are kept in the dark.

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Leaders are developing some horrible habits

Kim Jong Un with his army.

So many leaders have been spotted doing this. | KNS/AFP/Getty Images.

Now a new trend is developing among the countries elites that are certainly a step away from Stalinist nationalism that the country has embraced. Although, it could be argued that it is just following the natural course of a Stalinist regime. Regardless, the leaders are picking up some less than honorable habits. They’re using young, often teenage sex workers as status symbols.

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This is the worst kind of sexual revolution

Women and men walking in North Korea.

Being a woman in North Korea isn’t always safe. | AFP/Getty Images

Often times when the attitudes towards sex being taboo change, there is a bit of freedom added to the mix. For North Korea, this has led to a normalizing of sex trafficking, even though it is still illegal. Woman are often forced into sex work for survival. It’s a sad commonality in crisis regions across the globe. Even worse, they are plucked from the one place they shouldn’t.

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Defectors paint a pretty grim picture for North Korean women

Kim Jong Un sitting at a desk while holding documents.

The North Korean leader might have started this trend. | STR/AFP/Getty Images

Defectors from North Korea have claimed that Kim Jong Un himself enjoys the most despicable habit. He takes girls out of schools to be a part of his “Pleasure Squad.” Hee Yeon Lim, a defector from the country and the daughter of a senior official says he often hand picks these girls in their early teens to be torn away from their families for his sexual pleasure.

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Normalizing these habits is leading to strange status symbols

A woman with red high heels emerging from a car.

Most elite politicians will have a young date by their side. | Motortion/iStock/Getty Images

The biggest problem now is that it has become so commonplace that the elites of the country are expected to have a mistress. They have become so comfortable with the idea that diplomats in the country describe seeing it everywhere. Senior officials and senior party members have been spotted attending public events with their mistresses. What was once a behind-the-scenes practice has become a brazen show of status.

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Famine led to a complacency with the sex trade

A woman's silhouette seen in front of a red wall.

This trend has historical origins. | Romkaz/iStock/Getty Images

The reason it has become so prevalent among North Korean elites is that it was a necessity for survival. Women, out of a need to survive, would trade sex for food or favors during the famine of the 1990s. Soldiers and high-ranking officials took advantage of that and it became almost ubiquitous of military service in North Korea. Slowly, it has just been moving out of the shadows and into the light.

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Sex trafficking of escaped refugees is rampant

Yuan bills seen laid out.

A scary trend that makes women feel unsafe. | MJ_Prototype/Getty Images

Even if the women were to escape, there is very little hope for them running away. Scores of female refugees who escape to China are often sold to farmers as brides or forced into online pornography. Ji Hyun Park, a defector from North Korea, was immediately trafficked once she crossed the border into China. She was sold to a farmer for 5,000 yuan.

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