Nutrition Advice You Need to Stop Believing ASAP

People want to lose weight, fit into their skinny jeans, and eat foods that taste good, but they don’t always know how to make it happen. Unfortunately, this often means they’ll do and believe anything they hear supposed experts say in order to reach their goals, even if science doesn’t back it up. Some advice even hurts more than it helps. With that in mind, it’s time we address claims about food and nutrition that science has disproven — or has yet to prove true (and likely never will).

1. Eat more ‘natural’ foods

Food companies can get away with a lot under this loose label.

Natural doesn’t necessarily mean healthy. |

Sometimes, food labeling is confusing enough to trick you into thinking something is healthy when it isn’t. For example, foods with “all natural” ingredients — no artificial colors or flavors — aren’t necessarily healthier than foods without these labels. According to LiveScience, the USDA defines the term “natural” as any minimally processed food free of artificial or added ingredients. However, manufacturers can still get away with a lot under this definition due to loose FDA regulations. A natural label doesn’t tell you exactly how a food was grown, processed, or produced, so that “all natural” food isn’t as healthy as you’d like to believe.

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