This One Quality in Men Has Proven to Make Them More Attractive Than Their Looks or Humor

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While many of us know the usual checklist of qualities that women find desirable, it might behoove all men to know that, according to a new study in the British Journal of Psychology, there’s an important one many have been overlooking. Sure, looks, money, and a sense of humor are the generic entries on the list for all aspiring ladies’ men, but a new trait is proving to be far more important than any of those old standbys.

Altruism, or the disposition to giving and providing for others, is the top quality women were drawn to in a study of unmarried Canadian adults. The subjects were asked by researchers how often they committed “good deeds,” such as helping someone change a tire or carrying a bag for an elderly person. Then they asked those same subjects how frequently they had sex and how many partners they’ve had in their lifetime.

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The study showed that the more frequent a male respondent’s instances of altruism, the more frequently they also had sex and the more sexual partners they had overall.

It wasn’t just single men who were reaping the benefits of their good nature. When the queries were directed at men in relationships, the ones who were more altruistic by nature had sex with their significant other more in the past 30 days than those who weren’t as altruistic.

Does this necessarily mean that you can just start doing good deeds and women will come flocking to you? Of course not.

But it does suggest that those with an altruistic disposition possess that and other qualities that women find more attractive than money, wealth, or even looks. And while it won’t happen overnight, it’s possible that increasing altruistic acts can, in fact make you more altruistic and change your disposition such that you are naturally more attractive to women.

A second aspect of the study put the theory into a more practical application.

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The same researchers had undergraduates say whether or not they would like to donate money they received from the study to charity. Those same respondents were asked the earlier questions about sex frequency and total numbers of partners. Those who admitted a willingness to give their cash to charity were found to have more casual sex, more sex in relationships, and more sex over their lifetime to that point.

The sample size of this study and the nature of it, again, doesn’t conclude that increasing charitable or altruistic acts will result in a proportionate rise in sexual activity or partners, but there’s no harm in charity (it’s a wonderful thing), and if a by-product of acts of giving is that you become more attractive to others, then that’s just the icing on the cake, isn’t it?