Outrageous and Insane Things People Do On Flights

Bare feet on armrests, body odor, even moving into your personal space are all misbehaviors caught by travelers on flights. Why do seemingly normal people become freaks in flight?

One reason is the absence of personal space, while racing through the air at 33,000 feet, The Washington Post reports. Also, because of the sheer lack of control humans have while traveling by plane, people may act or display unpleasant (and unusual) behavior.

Beyond the passenger who gets too tipsy, here are some bizarre behaviors you just hope to never encounter during your next trip. And if you’ve ever experienced No. 5, you deserve a prize.

15. Changing into something more comfortable

A person sleeping on an airplane seat.

An airplane seat is not your bed. | Passengershaming via Instagram

We get it. You want to fly in comfort and that may mean flying shirtless. But no one wants to see you remove your shirt and use it as a pillow during your flight. Stay dressed until you leave the airport. Please.

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14. Letting pets sit on food trays

A Pomeranian pup on an in-flight table.

Even dog lovers wouldn’t let this one slide. | Passengershaming via Instagram

Some pets are cute on flights but lose their charm when allowed to perch on the table meant to hold your drink and pretzels. Keep your pup’s booty on your lap, not the meal tray.

Next: Or use the overhead bin to store the fish they caught on vacation.

13. Using the overhead bin for trophy animal

A dead goat inside a compartment.

A scary thing to see! | Passenger Shaming via Facebook

Although you may want to share your hunting bounty with friends and family at home, your fellow passengers may not want to share in your hunting success. A better move is to pack that dead animal in ice and ship it home.

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12. Drying undergarments under plane A/C

A person drying underwear.

This hilarious moment went viral. | Passengershaming via Instagram

Hard to say which is worse. Your undergarments are wet and need drying or the fact you want to use the airplane’s air conditioning system to dry your wet undies. Just don’t.

Next: So why are you drying that underwear?

11. Farting

A woman holds up her nose in disgust.

An emergency landing was needed. | SIphotography/Getty Images

Massive farting caused a plane to make an emergency landing during a flight from Dubai to Amsterdam, The Huffington Post reports. The passenger was warned twice to cut the gas, but when there was no cooperation, a passenger brawl was the result.

Next: Farting is bad, but people really hate seat kickers.

10. Seat kicking

A baby kicking a seat.

This makes for a really uncomfortable flight. | Sdog1973 via YouTube

Almost two-thirds of respondents in The Points Guy survey said seat kicking was the most annoying in-flight behavior. And while kids are mainly guilty of this thanks to their short legs, adults can do a good job of pushing on the backs of seats.

Next: Wait until you land to pop your partner’s pimple.

9. Grooming like animals

A woman inspecting her partner's ear.

A very gross thing to see on the plane. | Passengershaming via Instagram

If you see a stray eyelash gracing your travel partner’s face, then by all means blow it away. However, blackhead digging, wound washing or digging for hair nits are all off limits, especially in-flight.

Next: That includes clipping you too.

8. Toenail or feet grooming

A woman inspecting her foot.

An airport waiting room is not a nail salon. | Passengershaming via Instagram

A preponderance of toenail clipping images on planes and in airports grace the internet, which begs the question: why? If your talons runneth over, please wait until you are home or at least not in a public spot. And as for feet grooming, just don’t.

Next: And your bare feet are not welcome either.

7. Feet on the armrest or between the seats

A bare foot resting on an armrest.

Nobody wants to see your feet. | Passenger Shaming via Facebook

Another popular move for some passengers is to not only remove their shoes, but then place their bare feet on other passenger’s armrests or shoved between seats. Even if you are fresh off of a pedicure, just don’t.

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6. Invading your personal space

A person spreading their legs widely.

Manspreading on a plane? Stay in your lane! | Passengershaming via Instagram

Cramped spaces means it should be time to respect each other’s area. But for some people not so much. From using the entire row for your work to letting your body migrate into the seat next to you, most people don’t want you to get that close.

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5. Leaving your catheter bag behind

An employee holds up a catheter.

Don’t leave a disturbing mess behind. | Passengershaming via Instagram

Oops, you forgot something? Flying with a catheter may mean you have to plan ahead. Your flight crew and passengers will thank you if you leave your urine on your person (or at home).

Next: You will also be thanked for keeping your bladder and kids under control too.

4. Letting wild children on the loose

A child standing on an in-flight table.

Handling children on a flight is never easy, but don’t let this happen. | Passengershaming via Instagram

Flying is tough on kids too, but when mom and dad seem to check out and let their kids go nuts, it can be pretty unnerving to other passengers. Parents letting their kids go wild while on a flight, are at the top of the list of the worst in-flight behaviors, according to The Points Guy.

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3. Seat reclining (or not)

Two passengers having a fight.

A guaranteed way to make the flight award. | Digital Vision/iStock/Getty Images

At least 11% of flyers say that reclined seats make them feel uncomfortable during flights, according to The Points Guy. Some people become so enraged over the reclining seat, they use a small gadget that prevents the seat from reclining, The Blaze reports.

Next: You can’t always be first in line.

2. Rushing to the front of the plane when you land

Passengers departing from a plane.

Wait your turn and things will go smoothly. | Tanyss/Getty Images

No one likes to wait for the cabin door to open while passengers file out ahead of you. However, some people feel that they deserve to get ahead of the line despite being seated at the back of the aircraft. #VerucaSaltmove

This behavior works coming and going as The Points Guy found those who jump ahead of the line to board annoy passengers too.

Next: Wait to exercise.  

1. Practicing yoga mid-flight

A woman performing challenging yoga position.

Stretch before your flight, not during! | Passengershaming via Instagram

We get it. You are awesome at yoga. But no one on the plane really cares so keep the headstands and feats or strength on the ground.

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