Patrick Reed: 8 Things to Know About the Masters Winner and His Sad Family History

Professional golfer Patrick Reed was all smiles when he won the 2018 Masters. But the inside story of Patrick’s family life isn’t the fairy tale you might think.

Here are a few fun facts about the golfer, plus what the estranged relationship between him and his family is really like.

His nickname is Captain America

Patrick Reed during a press panel.

He is an inspirational golfer. | Anthony Wallace/AFP/Getty Images

Reed earned this nickname during his two Ryder Cup appearances back in 2014 and 2016. He had outstanding appearances and now has one of the highest winning percentages ever for someone who has competed in the Cup multiple times. But some think the nickname is ironic because Reed is actually not very well-liked by most golf fans in America.

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He was expelled from college

Patrick Reed swinging a golf club.

He has a troubled background. | Glyn Kirk/AFP/Getty Images

Reed started college playing golf at the University of Georgia. But rumor has it Reed was accused of cheating and stealing from his teammates, so he was dismissed from the golf team and expelled. However, those accusations have never been proven. Reed’s coaches also signed documents that stated cheating was not the reason for his dismissal. But his teammates and one assistant coach did not have good things to say about him. Reed blames his expulsion on underage drinking violations and has been trying to clear his name ever since.

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His wife used to be his caddie

Patrick Reed and his wife.

His wife cheers him on. | Paul Ellis/Getty Images

Reed met his wife, Justine, at Augusta State, which is where he transferred after leaving the University of Georgia. Justine Reed was a nurse, but when her husband became a professional, she decided to leave her nursing job to be his caddie. The husband-wife duo worked together for a while, but Justine Reed gave up her position as caddie when she got pregnant. Her brother, Kessler Karain, took over and has been Reed’s caddie ever since.

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He once saved his wife’s life

Patrick Reed with his wife and daughter.

He shares family moments on social media. | Patrick Reed via Instagram

Reed and his wife were staying at the Ritz Carlton Golf Resort in Naples, Florida, when his wife decided to take a bath. He heard a lot of splashing and went to check on her. That’s when he found her under the water, having a seizure, and not breathing. He performed the Heimlich (he did not know CPR) and she coughed up water and began breathing again. Doctors told him that if he’d found her 15 seconds later, she could have died. Reed withdrew from a pro-am scheduled for the following day to be with this wife.

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He had his parents escorted out of the 2014 U.S. Open

Patrick Reed on the golf course.

The scandal can be quite confusing. | Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images

The feud between Reed and his family is no rumor. In 2014, Reed actually had both his parents and sister escorted out of the U.S. Open. Supposedly, his wife is the one who requested they be removed. Both Reed and his wife have said that Reed’s parents physically and emotionally abused him when he was younger. Reed’s family denies any abuse and says it is Reed who has caused so much trouble between them.

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He hasn’t had contact with his parents since he got married

Patrick Reed on the golf course.

He isn’t close to his parents. | Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

Reed married his wife in December 2012, and his parents were not invited to the wedding. And Reed hasn’t spoken to his parents since some time before that. Reed has two young children that have yet to meet their grandparents. ESPN reported that when he was asked about his family being absent from the Masters, his only comment was, “I’m just out here to play golf and try to win golf tournaments.” Reed also has no contact with his sister; she is seven years younger.

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His sister called him ‘horrible’ on social media

Patrick Reed crouching on a golf course.

He also has trouble with his sister. | Glyn Kirk/AFP/Getty Images

Reed’s sister, Hannah Reed, posted a long message on her Facebook page to clear the air (on her side, at least) about the feud between her parents and brother. She referred to Reed as a “horrible stranger” and defended her parents, saying neither of them had ever been abusive. She also said how devastated she was to have to see her parents suffer because they don’t have contact with their only son. Patrick Reed’s wife posted something on Facebook around the same time, saying how terrible his parents are.

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But his family still cheers him on

Patrick Reed and his son.

They have a special relationship. | Patrick Reed via Instagram

The Reed family watched the Masters from their home just down the street from the course’s location. They were rooting for their son and brother the whole time, even though he refuses to speak to them. They heard from friends and family during the tournament but heard nothing from their son’s family. But Patrick Reed declined to comment on his family when asked about them after winning the championship. The true story about whose fault the Reed family fallout is still remains uncertain.

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