People Who Died and Came Back to Life Describe What Happened On the ‘Other Side’

What happens after we die? Probably one of the most profound questions in life, humans have begged to understand what happens once our physical being ceases to exist.

While some people insist the soul continues after death, others search for proof and evidence that when our time is up, our journey does not end. A number of people report afterlife experiences. Some have striking similarity and indicate the soul may move on, whereas others are uniquely different.

Most people experience peacefulness

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People experience a peace that they never have before. | Kieferpix/iStock/Getty Images

Nearly 80% of people who participated in a near death experience study by University of Liege report feeling peacefulness, The Daily Mail reports. The Huffington Post featured an one Reddit experience user’s experience. “It was peaceful. No lights, no pearly gates, no angels, just peace. I was in a horrible car wreck and I had a blood clot go through my heart and I died for a bit.”

The user expressed frustration when brought back to life and wrote, “There’s nothing but peace and comfort on the other side.”

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Many see a bright light

Most people see a bright light. | Ipopba/iStock/Getty Images

Close to 70% of the same study participants saw a bright light during their experience. Some scientists claim patients see light during a near death experience because of an increased level of carbon dioxide circulating in the bloodstream, according to How Stuff Works.

This Reddit user posted, “Basically all I saw was blackness, followed by many lights, lights became stars and stars turned into something I cannot describe. I did not feel anything.”

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Some talk to spirits

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Ghostbusters aren’t real, but ghosts may be. | Columbia Pictures

One Reddit user posted about his uncle’s interaction with a loved one during a near-death experience. “He was sitting there with someone that he knew he loved, but that he didn’t know who it was. He said he just spoke to them, but has no idea what was said, only that the person said: ‘I’ll see you later, remember me.’ Then after this, he was revived.”

Approximately 64% of the patients in the University of Liege said they encountered spirits or people during their journey.

Next: Some have an out of body experience

Leaving and returning to earth often occurs

Some people have out-of-body experiences. | iStock/Getty Images

Some witness loved ones reacting to their death before being resuscitated. “It was like I was looking down. “My mom was sobbing and my dad was literally holding her arms to keep her from coming to me while they all were swarming me,” this Reddit user wrote, recalling a near death experience as child. “There was this equipment and yelling. I saw it through a toddler’s eyes so I guess that’s how I remember it.”

Out of body experiences have been studied for decades with researchers hypothesizing it results from incompatible information between a damaged vestibular system and a normal visual system, The Atlantic reports.

Next: Although some have no recollection of death.

Others have no memory while dead

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Some people don’t remember a thing. |

In some cases, the person has no memory while dead. “I was 12 and very sick,” this Reddit user posted. “I had a very high fever and remember going in the hospital and people visiting me and watching a lot of TV (back when MTV and VH1 played music videos). Other than that I remember nothing. Years later my mom apparently told me the rest of the story that my heart stopped and had to be defibrillated two times. No memories of it.”

Another user posted about dying in an ambulance following a motorcycle accident and had no memory until waking up in the emergency room.

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Experiencing beauty is also reported

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Some people see incredibly beautiful things. | antinoris/Getty Images

“It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen,” according to this Reddit user. “As I approached the centre, it seemed like I was joining a universal consciousness; a being made up of the thoughts, emotions, and experience of everyone and everything that had ever lived. I’m sure it was all just a hallucination brought on by the trauma I had suffered the few days combined with my heart/breathing stopping, but there’s a part of me that hopes that what I saw is what really happens when we die.”

Next: People come back to life with a new perspective on death.

They no longer fear death

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Many come back with a more positive outlook on life. | Halfpoint/iStock/Getty Images

Many who have a near death experience say the encounter feels very real, so they return to earth with a new attitude about death. During the experience, people take an amazing journey, which forever changes their lives, researcher Dr. Steven Laureys told CNN. After having a near death experience, many people return feeling happier and no longer fearing death.

Why does the fear of death end? Heightened consciousness and a pleasant feeling may be why people who have a near death experience return forever changed.

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