These Photos Make Us Think Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Aren’t That Different From the Rest of Us

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner aren’t the average American couple. They’re wealthy, extremely well-connected, and part of the first family. But some things still make them relatable. These revealing photos show how much they have in common with the typical American couple.

1. Stay in on the weekend

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner's child in a crib

Ivanka and Jared tend to keep things low-key. | Ivanka Trump via Instagram

Ivanka and Jared don’t always attend elaborate events on the weekend. Sometimes, they, like the rest of us, prefer to have a night at home. We’re guessing Ivanka is in her comfiest pajamas from her eponymous clothing line while taking this picture of her son.

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2. Cook their own meals

Ivanka making dinner for her family

The Trump-Kushner clan love to make a home-cooked meal. | Ivanka Trump via Instagram

As someone who can afford to eat out every day of the week or employ a chef, Ivanka cooks meals herself. Here, she’s pictured cooking up what looks like mushrooms wearing a plaid shirt and sporting a messy ponytail. Talk about relatable.

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3. Host a small birthday party

Ivanka Trump hosting a birthday party for her kids

Her son’s birthday party was pretty adorable. | Ivanka Trump via Instagram

For their son Theodore’s first birthday, Jared and Ivanka threw a party complete with birthday hats, balloons, and a sheet cake. In another normal move, they let their 1-year-old eat lots of cake on his birthday.

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4. Dress alike

Ivanka and Jared dressed the same

They even dress the same. | Ivanka Trump via Instagram

For one of their date nights in 2015, Ivanka and Jared wear very similar blue oxford shirts. In a move that probably happens to most couples, they wear matching clothes. We speculate that Ivanka may have taken one of Jared’s shirts to wear — another totally normal couple move.

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5. Ivanka uses a baby carrier

Ivanka, Jared, and their kids

This baby carrier is super useful. | Ivanka Trump via Instagram

Starting off their weekend, the family took a picture with Ivanka wearing a baby carrier. In Washington, D.C., the baby carrier made another appearance at the zoo. Clearly, Ivanka knows how useful a baby carrier can be and has no shame in using one.

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6. They exercise together

Jared Kushner in a straddle with his child helping him stretch

Even the kids get in on this family event. | Ivanka Trump via Instagram

A physically active couple, Jared and Ivanka go hiking, golfing, and make regular visits to the gym. Their daughter, Arabella, likes to help her dad in the gym and can be seen here adding some extra resistance while her dad works out.

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7. Trump calls Kushner ‘hands on’

Jared and his son smiling while sitting on a boat.

Ivanka Trump thinks Jared Kushner is a great father. | Ivanka Trump via Instagram

Trump gushed about her husband’s role as a father. She explained, “Jared is really incredibly hands on as a dad. For him what’s most important is his family.”

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8. They cook together

She loves cooking meals for her family. | Ivanka Trump via Instagram

Ivanka isn’t the only one doing the cooking. Meal time is a family affair in the Trump-Kushner household. “One of the things [my husband and I] enjoy the most is cooking: I love to cook and he loves to eat,” Ivanka jokes.

She added that “[Arabella] helps me in the kitchen. Baking is a fun thing to do with kids because there’s a lot of mixing and pouring and measuring. And that’s something we enjoy doing together.”

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9. They eat breakfast together

Home Sweet Home! Nothing better than returning to these 3 little 's!

A post shared by Ivanka Trump (@ivankatrump) on

Breakfast is family time for Ivanka, her husband, and their children. It is a time for everyone to discuss what their day looks like before going to work or school. “Starting the day together as a family and chatting over breakfast before we all head off in different directions” is the most important part of her morning, according to Trump.

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10. They love traditions and celebrate them with their children

She’s embraced Kushner’s Jewish faith. | Ivanka Trump via Instagram

Her father might be a devout Christian, but after marrying Jared, Ivanka totally embraced Jared’s Jewish traditions. In this Instagram photo, the happy family of five poses in front of a menorah while lighting the candles. And from the looks of the messy table, it seems the kids were having some fun decorating and getting festive.

Elite Daily notes Ivanka has called her practice in Judaism “such a personal thing,” and she says it “creates an amazing blueprint for family connectivity.”

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11. They take Instagram pictures together

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner's shadows from a sunset

This photo looks like it was meant for social media. | Ivanka Trump via Instagram

On what looks like a ship, Jared and Ivanka snap a picture of their shadows in the sunset. Ivanka captions the picture, “Dog days of summer with my love.” Just like many other couples, they take pictures together and share them on social media.

Additional reporting by Chelsea Leary and Lauren Weiler.

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