These Photos of Donald Trump Jr. With His Kids Show a Side of Him We’ve Never Seen

From his infamous hunting photos to his marriage troubles, the media loves Donald Trump Jr. Unfortunately, we usually hear about the weird and unfortunate news regarding the eldest Trump child. But we know under the public facade, there’s a family man who deeply cares for his children and home life.

Being the avid Instagram user he is, Don Jr. posts plenty of photos of him with his kids. Here are the ones that show a whole new side of him we rarely see.

1. He plays in the snow with his daughter, Kai

Donald Trump Jr. and his daughter Kai playing in the snow.

He doesn’t mind getting rough in the snow. | Donald Trump Jr. via Instagram

Don Jr. and Vanessa Trump have five children together, which certainly makes their life hectic. And one source told Page Six in the past that Don Jr.’s constant traveling put a major strain on his marriage and home life. The source says it was tough for the couple to resolve their issues since he was never around.

Nevertheless, Don Jr. proves he still has enough time to play one-on-one with his kids. Here, his daughter Kai and him look like they’re having fun in the snow.

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2. He cuddles with daughter Chloe after the divorce news hit the media

Donald Trump Jr. and his daughter Chloe.

He’s putting his children first. | Donald Trump Jr. via Instagram

Divorce is difficult on anyone, and we can’t imagine the added stress of being under the political spotlight. Either way, Don Jr. hasn’t made any comments about his divorce on social media just yet — but he did post this adorable photo of him and his daughter, Chloe.

The comment alludes to tough times for him, as it read, “No matter what is going on bedtime cuddling with the smurf puts a Yuge smile on my face.” He also may be poking fun at his dad with the usage of “Yuge” here — so perhaps he has more of a sense of humor than we thought.

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3. Don Jr. fishes with his son, Donnie

Donald Trump Jr.'s collage of him fishing with his children.

He spends time fishing with his son. | Donald Trump Jr. via Instagram

We know by now that Don Jr. loves the great outdoors. And here, he’s fishing to celebrate his son’s 9th birthday. The photo shows a compilation of Don Jr. and young Donnie on their many fishing adventures, and the two look like they’re having a blast.

These photos remind us of the scandalous hunting pictures of Don Jr. and Eric Trump that shocked the public, however. In the photos, the two were holding up dead big-game carcasses — and Don Jr. even help up an elephant’s tail detached from its body. The whole thing seemed in poor taste.

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4. He involves his kids in the political action

Donald Trump Jr.'s instagram photo.

He recently shared this memory. | Donald Trump Jr. via Instagram

When Don Jr. isn’t taking care of his family or traversing the globe for fun, he’s giving his dad a hand in politics. And here, he posts a throwback photo of his whole family while his father was sworn as the 45th president.

Does Don Jr. expect his own kids to get into the political action as they age? We can’t say for sure, but he did share a photo of his daughter, Kai, at Donald Trump’s desk. Us Weekly reports he captioned the photo, “Kai Trump 2060??” Perhaps a few of his kids have already taken an interest.

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5. He posted this photo of his kids playing golf for his birthday

Donald Trump Jr.'s children playing golf.

He keeps his children active. | Donald Trump Jr. via Instagram

He’s not just exposing his kids to politics young — he’s also getting them involved in the family’s treasured sport of golf. Here, he shows a side-by-side image of young Spencer and Chloe on the golf course holding their gear. According to the caption, the family went golfing for Don Jr.’s 40th birthday.

In case you didn’t know, Eric and Don Jr. also opened up a Trump International Golf Course in Dubai. Perhaps this is one of the reasons he’s traveling abroad all the time in addition to hunting big game.

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6. The whole family gets together for the holidays

Donald Trump Jr's holiday family photo.

Family events are important to him. | Donald Trump Jr. via Instagram

Here, Don Jr. and his whole family are celebrating the holidays together — and he even adds a heartfelt message to his Instagram post. It reads, “Merry Christmas,” as well as, “May your day be as joyous as anyone could possibly hope for.”

The sentiment and photo are nice — but something does seem a little off. Don Jr. and his wife are incredibly far away from each other here. And in general, Don Jr. never seemed to post too many photos of him and Vanessa. Perhaps we should have seen this divorce coming a long time ago.

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7. Don Jr. pokes fun at his dad more often than we expected

Donald Trump Jr. and his two children.

He doesn’t take himself too seriously. | Donald Trump Jr. via Instagram

When he’s not stirring up controversy on social media, he’s busily making lighthearted punches at his presidential father. Here, we see Chloe and Spencer coiffing Don Jr.’s hair in a classic Trump style while they’re holding hairbrushes. Don Jr. writes, “I’m not sure about this look but given the whole Trump hair thing who am into judge???”

Whether you’re a Trump fan or not, there’s no denying Don Jr. seems like a very involved father. And there’s enough evidence on Instagram to suggest he’s a fun-loving dad.

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