Photos of Extreme Fitness Success Stories: Here’s How They Did It

Looking for a new source of fitness inspiration? Even with a stellar workout plan, New Year’s resolutions and fitness goals can be difficult to stay with. And once you start to slack off, looking at pictures online of incredibly fit individuals can be disheartening.

What you might need to get inspired is to see everyday folks who kicked their own butts and chronicled their success online. We search Instagram for fitness success stories and took a look at the people behind them.

Jasmine Guerra, @jasminesjourney2016

Jasmine Guerra's meal prep.

Follow her account for delicious meal-prep inspiration. | Jasmin Guerra via Instagram

If you’re someone who feels alone when you slip up on your fitness routine, this story is for you. This Instagram user chronicles her gym excursions and healthy meal planning but is also transparent about days she wants to skip the gym or indulge in candy. Yet despite the occasional hiccup, she continues to push herself and see results.

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Ashley Hooper, @ashhhann_

Ashley Hooper's mirror selfie.

She went from couch potato to hardcore gym rat. | Ashley A. Hooper via Instagram

Ashley Hooper posted that, after having shoulder surgery, she could only lift a 5-pound dumbbell. Now, the North Carolina college student has a hardcore fitness regimen that she shares with her followers. Her inspiring messages and constant kudos for those around her can inspire anyone to get off the couch and hit the gym.

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Mike G, @secondkiss

Mike G's weight loss comparison.

He went from video game addict to hiking fanatic. | Secondkiss via Instagram

In a post from January 2018, this Los Angeles resident credited hiking as a big factor in his successful weight loss journey. “I was never into sports and I loathed false machismo of the gym,” he wrote in his post. He also encourages everyone to follow in his fitness footsteps. “I know if I can do it, then literally ANYONE can!”

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Pilates Strong, @pilatesgirl_

Pilatesgirl_'s fitness photo.

She wants to inspire her students through social media. | Pilatesgirl_ via Instagram

The great thing about this Pilates instructor’s posts is not just that they showcase what amazing shape she’s in. She also opens up about the fitness struggles she had in the past and encourages followers to work on themselves individually. She admits in a post about core work that you “expect everyone to just do it and look a certain way,” and she encourages those with ailments or body issues to “work with what you have because it may surprise you what you can still do.”

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JayS, @jaysgetfitjourney

JayS muscle photo.

Her journey will inspire you to get moving. | Jaysgetfitjourney via Instagram

This Insta’s description may say “I’m no fitness guru,” but her positively charged posts are nothing but inspiring. In addition to sharing her fitness regimen — which looks intense but is clearly paying dividends — she admits to messing up and skipping days. But she always gets back at it.

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Ryan Luera, @ryan.luera

Ryan Luera fitness collage.

He bounced back from a terribly injury. | Ryan Luera via Instagram

This self-described “transformation coach” admits he had to rebound from a back injury in his late teens that left him overweight and depressed. Now, the 26-year-old is in what he says is the best shape of his life. He writes in an inspiring post that his success is due to having “accumulated so much knowledge and (having) gone through trial and error and have figured out what works and what doesn’t work.”

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Swati Prasad, @zaphtiggirl

Swati Prasad weight loss journey.

She feels better than ever before. | Zaphtiggirl via Instagram

In addition to chronicling a weight-loss adventure filled with dance workouts and healthy eats, this inspiring Instagram follow loads her account with before-and-after photos where she wears the same outfit. She writes in a post from January 2018 that her fitness success encourages her to keep going. “There is still always more weight to lift, more flexibility to build, more weight to lose and more way to get to my goal.”

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