Photos of Real People Who Got Extreme Plastic Surgery to Look Like a Celebrity

While plastic surgery used to just be for the elite, that attitude has changed over the years. Now, folks from all walks of life are going under the knife to look like the freshest and youngest versions of themselves. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons  reports in 2015, nearly 16 million cosmetic surgeries were performed in the U.S. — and those numbers have only increased since then.

Here’s what’s concerning: Many people aren’t just getting surgery for minor cosmetic procedures. It turns out a number of folks are aiming to look like their favorite celebrities. And these extreme cases prove how easy it is to take things too far.

1. Pixee Fox to Jessica Rabbit

Pixee Fox posing in a pink gown.

She’s gone to extreme measures to get Jessica Rabbit’s curves. | Pixee Fox via Instagram

We all know Jessica Rabbit as being Roger Rabbit’s curvaceous wife — but some people are a little too inspired by her image. Pixee Fox, a North Carolina native in her late 20s, has had 19 cosmetic surgeries to look like the cartoon character, Daily Mail Online says. She spent over $100,000 in surgeries thus far, which included removing six ribs for a tiny waist and getting implants for her eyes to turn them an unnatural shade of green. Currently, her waist is at a mere 16 inches to give her body an exaggerated hourglass shape.

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