Photos of Real People Who Hold World Records For Crazy Physical Irregularities

Making the Guinness Book of World Records is a high point of pride for people with serious skill, elaborate collections, and even physical abnormalities. Over time these men, women, and children have embraced and displayed their unique physical attributes. Plus, the one animal that beat all humans in a special category (page 15).

1. The world’s tallest and shortest men

Chandra Bahadur Dangi and Sultan Kosen posing together.

There is a huge difference in their stature.  | Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

  • The shortest man ever stands under 2 feet tall
  • The tallest man ever stands at 8 feet 3 inches

Chandra Bahadur Dangi, a Nepalese farmer and craftsman, currently holds the record as the world’s shortest man. Dangi lived to age 75 and measured 21.5 inches tall. While doctors never discovered the reason for Dangi’s short stature, he celebrated it for the recognition it brought his family and village in Nepal.

In 2014, Dangi posed for a photo in London with Sultan Kosen, the world’s tallest man. Kosen, who stands at 8 feet 3 inches tall, is the tallest living man and believed to be the seventh tallest man of all time. Kosen has acromegaly, a condition caused by a pituitary gland tumor, which contributed to his height.

2. The longest tongue

Chanel Tapper sticking out her tongue.

She might just have the longest tongue in the world. | Guinness World Records via Twitter

  • A California woman has a nearly 4-inch tongue

Chanel Tapper is the Guinness World Record holder of the longest tongue. It measures 3.8 inches from the tip to her top lip, roughly the size of an iPhone.

Tapper first rose to fame as a 13-year-old on YouTube. In 2011 The Guinness Book of World Records deemed her tongue the longest in the world.

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3. The hairiest family

The men of the the Aceves family in a pool.

This family has been deemed the “hardest family in human history”. | The Investigator via Twitter

  • The Aceves family is full of members with excessive facial and torso hair

Jesus Aceves is one member of a family of nearly 30 with the rare condition hypertrichosis. Eva Aridjis filmed a documentary on the  “hairiest family in human history,” called Chuy, the Wolf Man, detailing Jesus and his family’s unique struggles.

The men in the Aceves family are covered in thick hair from head to toe excluding their hands and feet, while the women have lighter hair.

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4. Longest fingernails

Christine "The Dutchess" Walton showing off her nails.

This woman has extremely long nails. | Corps_Sante via Twitter

  • Christine “The Dutchess” Walton has 9-10 foot fingernails
  • She hasn’t cut her fingernails since 1990

Las Vegas resident Christine Walton, who goes by her stage name “The Dutchess,” never intended to grow her nails feet long until they started on their own. “One day I look down and they’re like 9 inches long!” she said, though inches don’t compare to the length of her nails now — 10 feet and two inches on her left hand and nine feet and seven inches on her right.

While she can still braid hair and drive a car, The Dutchess occasionally struggles to pick out clothing. “I’ll see the cutest shirts, and they’ll have these skinny arms and I know that my nails would just rip straight through them.”

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5. The longest mustache

Ram Singh Chauhan and his mustache.

This man takes quite a bit of pride in his mustache. | Circle of India via Twitter

  • Ram Singh Chauhan has the longest mustache ever grown
  • It measures 14 feet long and drapes down his entire body

Ram Singh Chauhan’s facial hair grew a bit farther than just his face. The Jaipur, India native has been growing his mustache since 1982. It reached an impressive, record-breaking 14 feet during a record show in March 2010.

It turns out the mustache means more to Chauhan than just putting him in a book. “Growing a mustache is like taking care of a baby,” he told The Mirror. “The mustache is the symbol of pride and respect. In ancient India, a mustache meant everything. It is priceless.”

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6. The ‘rubber boy’

Yash Shah in a pose.

Yash Shah is extremely flexible. | Ani via Twitter

  • Yash Shah, 19, is one of the most flexible humans alive
  • His village nicknamed him “the rubber boy”

Yash Shah, a Surat, India native, can rotate both his hands and legs 360 degrees. “I can rotate my neck up to 180 degrees, I can dislocate both of my hands and also I can dislocate my legs. I can rotate my fingers up to 180 degrees,” he told the Daily Express.

The rubber boy can contort his body in another concerning way: he can squeeze himself through a tennis racket.

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7. Longest nose

Mehmet Özyurek's headshot.

Mehmet Özyurek earned himself a special title. | Guinness World Records

  • A Turkish man holds the record for the longest nose at nearly 3.5 inches from bridge to tip

Mehmet Özyurek was declared the winner of the largest nose ever recorded when the Lo Show dei Record measured it in 2010. His nose measured 8.8 centimeters, nearly 3.5 inches from the bridge to the tip.

While some claim that Faizan Agha from Pakistan broke Özyurek’s record, it hasn’t been confirmed. Agha’s nose allegedly measures 4.8 inches long.

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8. The widest (unstretched) mouth

Francisco Domingos Joaquim pulling his mouth open.

Francisco Domingos Joaquim has a really entertaining talent. | Guiness World Records

  • The widest recorded unstretched mouth measures nearly 7 inches
Francisco Domingos Joaquim smiled widely for the Lo Show dei Record in Rome to measure his mouth. It sits 17 centimeters or 6.69 inches, wide without much manipulation.
Joaquim can easily fit an entire soda can sideways in his “elastic mouth” as well as spin it around with his tongue. Before world record scouts discovered Joaquim, he was performing and showing off his mouth at local markets in Angola.
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9. The longest head of hair (female)

Xie Quiping and her long hair.

Xie Quiping has quite the head of hair. | iEagle via Twitter

  • Xie Qiuping holds the record for the longest head of hair at 18 feet 5 inches

Xie Qiuping, a China native, is a real-life Rapunzel. Qiuping’s hair measured 18 feet and 5.54 inches in May 2004 when she won the title of longest head of hair on a female.

She’s been growing her hair out since age 13 (1973). “I’m used to it,” she told Guinness World Records. “But you need patience and you need to hold yourself straight when you have hair like this.”

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10. The farthest eyeball protrusion

Kim Goodman's eyes.

Kim Goodman’s eyes really pop. | Clasensation via Twitter

  • Kim Goodman can pop her eyes out of their sockets by .47 inches

Kim Goodman beat the “eyepopping” record for farthest eyeball protrusion worldwide. She can pop her eyes far out of her sockets — to the point where they appear to permanently bulge (pictured above). Goodman discovered her talent as a child when she was hit over the head with a hockey mask and her eyes popped out farther than expected.

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11. Largest waistline

A statue of Walter Hudson.

Walter Hudson was known for his large size, as you can see in this statue created in his memory. | Tyler Gilligan via Twitter

  • Walter Hudson’s waist measured 119 inches at his peak weight

The 1,197-pound New York resident received the Guinness World Record for the largest waistline at 119 inches. He’s known as the fourth most obese person in history and it took an average of nine men to carry him at one time.

Hudson lost nearly 800 pounds on an extreme diet but gained nearly all of it back a few months later. He died of a heart attack at age 49.

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12. The longest hair (male)

A man with his long hair being held.

Long hair was Tran Van Hay’s claim to fame. | List25 via Twitter

  • Tran Van Hay grew his locks over 22 feet long

Tran Van Hay was a superstitious man. So, when he immediately fell ill after cutting his hair, he vowed he would never chop his locks again. Hay grew his hair for over 50 years and legend has it he didn’t wash it for over a decade. His 22-foot long tail of hair weighed several pounds and was four feet longer than Quiping, the female record holder.

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13. Largest hands

A small hand laying on top of the large one.

His hands look huge compared to the average hand. | Guinness World Records

  • Kosen, who is the tallest man alive, also has the largest hands
  • His hands measure 11.2 inches from his wrist to the tip of his middle finger

Kosen was named the tallest man alive by Guinness World Records, but he didn’t stop there. His hands are fittingly the largest on a living person worldwide, as well. They measure over 11 inches and span an entire foot.

While he currently has the largest hands in the world, the title of “largest hands ever” belongs to Robert Wadlow. His hands measured 12.75 from his wrist to the tip of his middle finger.

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14. Largest feet on a man

Jeison showing his feet.

It was hard for him to find shoes growing up. | Guiness World Records

  • Jeison Orlando Rodríguez Hernandez wears a size 26 custom-made shoe

Rodríguez Hernandez knew his feet were unique from the young age of 14. He often had to go barefoot and wore cloth shoes that only lasted two to three weeks at a time. “I would look at other people and say, ‘How I would like a little pair of shoes,'” he told NowThis.

Each of Rodríguez Hernandez’s feet measures close to 16 inches. He wears a size 26 custom-made shoe, as well.

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15. Longest ears ever …

Tigger sitting on grass.

This dog won quite a few awards for his large ears. | Guiness World Records

The one exception to the list of humans’ physical irregularities? Tigger the bloodhound, whose ears measure a little over a foot each.

Tigger is a Best of Breed award winner and a show dog. He was even inducted into the Bloodhound “Hall of Fame.”

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