Photos That Reveal the Depths of Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s Bromance (and the Meme That Captures Everything)

Barack Obama giving a high five to Joe Biden.

They brought smiles to each other — and those around them. | Pete Souza via Instagram

While Barack and Michelle Obama are an enviable and exemplary presidential couple, Michelle often took the backseat to Barack’s relationship with Vice President Joe Biden — at least where the internet was concerned. The running mates turned president and VP quickly became #relationshipgoals, viral memes, and the bromance the nation didn’t know they needed.

These pictures, including the recent viral meme that shows the bromance is still going strong, depict just how deep Obama and Biden’s friendship goes.

They quickly became the Presidential bros the world needed

Obama called selecting Biden his running mate the “best possible choice, not just for me but for the American people.” Biden returned the favor the same day in an interview on MSNBC. “I don’t just like him, I love him,” Biden told Andrea Mitchell of his and Obama’s unique relationship.

The two became internet famous for their ice cream outings, friendship bracelets, and laughing photos. But behind the superficial bromance was a truly strong relationship. Biden revealed that when he disclosed his son’s battle with brain cancer and its resulting financial issues to Obama, he eagerly stepped in to help. “Don’t sell the house. Promise me you won’t sell the house,” Obama told Biden in early 2015. “I’ll give you the money. Whatever you need, I’ll give you the money.”

They were teammates, collaborators, and friends

Think of your best friend: would you be willing to share a house, victory, and loss with them? These are the challenges Obama and Biden faced while in office, and the finesse with which they delivered their unilateral decisions (and withheld any information about their inevitable disagreements) is more than commendable.

What many don’t know — specifically, the younger generations sharing and laughing at memes of the two buds on Instagram and Twitter — is that Biden ran against Obama (and Hillary Clinton) for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination. It’d be naivete to assume they didn’t argue in office, yet the two provided a united on nearly every major policy issue while in office and kept any disputes quiet while they worked it out, as the Washington Post points out.

Obama literally brought Biden to tears

Barack Obama placing medal on Joe Biden.

An emotional moment for both Biden and Obama. | Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images

Barack Obama brought Biden, the audience, and the country to tears when he surprised the vice president with the nation’s highest civilian honor. Only three presidents before him awarded the honor: Pope John Paul II, President Ronald Reagan, and General Colin are the other recipients.

“This is an extraordinary man with an extraordinary career in public service,” Obama remarked of his self-dubbed “brother.” The gesture brought Biden, who admitted he had “no inkling” he’d be honored, to tears.

“Behind the scenes, Joe’s candid honest counsel has made me a better president and a better commander in chief,” Obama told the public in his farewell address, following up with; “I gained a brother.”

Even out of office, they’re meme-inspiring:

Barack Obama and Joe Biden's tweets.

The tweets that made us love them even more. | SlythSeeker via Twitter

When Obama and Biden left office, they weren’t just leaving the most rewarding job of their careers, but each other as well. Just because their White House reign came to an end didn’t mean their friendship would, as their recent social media exchanges proved.

Barack Obama took to Twitter in a now-deleted message to his wife, Michelle Obama. “It’s national best friend day. You are my rock, and of course, my best friend @MichelleObama,” he wrote. Biden’s reply sent the tweet viral and resulted in plenty of memes about the pair’s everlasting bromance. He kept it short and simple to show his “disappointment” at Obama’s tweet. “@BarackObama ….wow.”

We have faith in their bromance … plus, if Obama needs a way to apologize, he can always buy Biden a scoop of chocolate chip ice cream.

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