These Pieces of Gym Equipment Send Lots of People to the Hospital

Is gym membership also a ticket to the emergency room? A 2016 National Electronic Injury Surveillance report shows that many fitness devices have a higher rate of injury. These are the pieces of gym equipment that send the most people to the hospital, ranked from least to most injury-prone. You’ve likely used the machine that sends the most people to the ER (page 10).

12. Resistance bands

woman using resistance bands

Hold on to those bands tightly. | Ostill/iStock/Getty Images

  • 2% of women’s equipment-related visits to the ER
  • Injures your face and eyes

This gadget is great for resistance training. But, as the NEISS report points out, it can also send you to the ER with an eye injury. In fact, if a band slips or breaks and hits you in the eye, you could be at risk for eye inflammation and vision loss.

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