Plastic Surgery: What Really Happens When You Go Under the Knife, Revealed

Doctors first show photos of what you can expect to look like afterwards

Close-up of surgeons hands holding surgical scissors and passing surgical equipment , motion blur background.

You will have a pretty good idea of how you will look after your procedure. |

Cosmetic and plastic surgeons will certainly do their best to correct what you want — but they certainly aren’t miracle workers. For this reason, during your consultation, your doctor will show you realistic photos of what you can expect to look like post-surgery.

As Arthur W. Perry, M.D., writes on Sharecare, the initial meeting is to discuss what you would like changed, the surgical (and potentially nonsurgical) ways your problem can be solved, and photos of other patients’ results. You’ll also get a rundown of all the pros and cons. Your doctor will also ask about your lifestyle and any supplements or medications you’re taking at the time, as these can have the potential to severely impact your recovery.

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