Posting These 5 Things on Social Media Could Destroy Your Relationship

When you’re in love, it’s tempting to shout it from the rooftops — or, if you’re like most Americans, post in on your social media accounts. But as fun as it can be to post about your love life, doing so too often (or sharing the wrong things) could lead to trouble in paradise.

As great as sites like Facebook and Instagram can be, they have led to some bad breakups and have even gotten people fired. You and your partner can decide what’s acceptable for you. But in general, posting about these five things is considered to be a no-no. (And check out the celebrity couple on page 7 whose online presence is practically perfect.)

1. Details about your partner’s personal life they may wish to keep private

Couple arguing

There’s such a thing as sharing too much online. | master1305/iStock/Getty Images

You might think it’s cute that your other half snores loudly or drank way too much at the last family wedding. But if you don’t have your partner’s permission, you could end up embarrassing or upsetting them. Post about your own personal life if you want, but respect your sweetheart’s privacy.

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2. Details about your arguments

Businessman shouting

Keep it to yourself, or risk your partner’s wrath. |

All couples argue, but that doesn’t mean the world needs the gory details. Whether you’re looking for sympathy, attention, or someone to take your side, what you will get by posting details about your fights are a bunch of uncomfortable friends and family members — not to mention a furious significant other.

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3. Passive-aggressive comments about your in-laws

Angry woman calling custom service

This faux pas can hurt your partner. | AntonioGuillem/iStock/Getty Images

Sharing an article about an overbearing mother-in-law or tagging your partner in a meme about annoying siblings might seem harmless, but it can do lasting damage to your relationship. Your mate may not share or appreciate your views. Or, worse, the in-laws might see what you did and be hurt.

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4. Photos bragging about expensive gifts

Jewelry vintage

There’s no need to brag. | itakefotos4u/iStock/Getty Images

If your partner can afford pricey presents for you (or you for them), that’s wonderful. But excessive bragging makes you look shallow and insecure — not to mention that it could get you robbed.

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5. Intimate details about your time in the bedroom

Couple sleeping

How exciting is it, really? | Ridofranz/iStock/Getty Images

This should really go without saying, but please do not tweet or post intimate details about your time behind closed doors. No matter how complimentary you’re intending to be, you’ll just end up creeping people out. Besides, bragging to the world can make your intimate time together feel, well, less intimate.

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The case for leaving your love life offline entirely

Morning coffee

Could this be the wave of the future? | Wavebreakmedia/iStock/Getty Images

Some couples overshare, but there are some who do the opposite. If you didn’t know them in real life, you’d have no idea they were even together. This may seem unromantic, but keeping your love life private can help you avoid false validation and gossip. And it will keep exes out of your business.

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Be like this adorable celebrity couple

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

This celebrity couple does it right. | Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with sharing the occasional photo of you and your sweetie or giving them birthday and anniversary shout-outs. Or you could take the hilarious example set by Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds and playfully roast each other. Keep it light, keep it fun, and keep the drama offline.

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