Prince Charles: Royal Family Secrets Reveal His Feud With His Siblings

All siblings fight now and then, and the members of the British royal family are no exception to that rule. But for Prince Charles and his three younger siblings, feuding has been taken to a whole other level. Whether it’s taking shots at each other through the press or crying to their parents for support, Queen Elizabeth’s offspring have a long history of feuding with each other. We take a look at why the Windsors just never seem to get along.

Age difference played a role

Queen Elizabeth with Prince Phillip and Princess Anne.

These royal siblings have quite the age gap. | AFP/Getty Images

It’s widely believed that part of the reason Prince Charles and his brothers never really got along was because of their large age difference. He is 11 years older than Prince Andrew and a whopping 15 years older than Prince Edward. Mix in that Charles is allegedly more withdrawn and sensitive than his boisterous baby brothers, and it becomes clear it was always an uphill battle for them to get along.

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Did their parents pick favorites?

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip on their honeymoon.

Did they have a favorite child? | AFP/Getty Images

Prince Charles has made it clear that he didn’t have a close and caring relationship with his mother and father while he was growing up. But is it possible that they were also playing favorites? Queen Elizabeth reportedly took more time for motherhood when Princes Andrew and Edward were born, and it has been rumored that Andrew continues to be her favorite. Prince Philip allegedly always took more to Princess Anne, with whom he shares the same tough attitude and sense of humor.

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Public disagreements

Prince Charles and Princess Anne on safari.

Their bickering confused the media. | William Lovelace/Daily Express/Getty Images

Since the royal children don’t get along so well, many of their feuds end up becoming public knowledge. Sometimes, they even go straight to the press to bad-mouth each other. Like when Prince Charles told his biographer that Queen Elizabeth wasn’t a caring mother, and Princess Anne fired back. “I simply don’t believe there is any evidence whatsoever to suggest that she wasn’t caring,” the Princess Royal said. (There’s also the issue of Charles and Andrew publicly fighting over the throne, but more on that a little later.)

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Scarce ‘in-house’ communication

Prince Charles sitting on a sofa reading a newspaper.

The family didn’t spend too much personal time together. | Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

For all the fighting the royals do in public, there is reportedly not much communication between them otherwise. “Communication used to be dealt with by households – private secretaries,” a former aid told The Telegraph. “They were very un-close, leading independent lives. They didn’t pick up the phone and chat to each other as some brothers and sisters do. It was all very distant.”

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The issue of who takes the throne

Prince Andrew and Queen Elizabeth at an event.

Who will succeed the queen? | Paul Gilham/Getty Images

One of the biggest battles between Queen Elizabeth’s children these days is the fight over who will take the throne after her. Prince Charles is the heir apparent, and Prince Andrew has waged war claiming he shouldn’t wear the crown. There have even been rumors that Queen Elizabeth has gotten involved and is sympathizing with Andrew, although that could just be hearsay. (Princess Anne and Prince Edward don’t appear to have as much to say on the matter.)

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The ‘slimmed down’ monarchy

The Duke of York (L) arrives with his daughters Eugenie (3rd L) and Beatrice (3rd R) at the West Door of Westminster Abbey

Prince Andrew’s family might be worried about losing power. | Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images

The prime reason for Prince Andrew’s beef with the line of succession is Prince Charles’ move to exclude his siblings from the immediate royal circle. His idea of a “slimmed down” monarchy keeps him and his sons, Princes William and Harry, and their families at the forefront. The exclusion also creates a large gap in wealth and public notoriety, which Prince Andrew and his children are not fans of.

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How the rest of the family is affected

Princess Beatrice in a blue dress and large black hat.

The family data is causing a rift between Prince Andrew’s two daughters and Prince William’s family. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Decades of bickering between Prince Charles and his siblings have led to difficult relations within the rest of the family. Andrew’s eldest daughter, Princess Beatrice, has been at odds with Prince William for years. (And she certainly doesn’t like his wife, Kate Middleton, very much either. ) And when it came to Prince George’s baptism, Charles’ siblings were nowhere to be found.

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