From Princess Diana to Oprah: Famous Celebrities Who Battled Horrendous Eating Disorders

During her time as a member of the Royal Family, Princess Diana was hailed for her seemingly laissez-faire attitude and effortless beauty. But what few knew at the time was that the late royal battled with eating disorders. Sadly, Diana isn’t the only celebrity to develop this debilitating habit — far from it, actually.

Here is a look at other celebrities who battled eating disorders. Some of them may shock you.

Jane Fonda

 Jane Fonda gestures with a peace sign at a fashion show.

Jane Fonda wasn’t immune to eating disorders. |  Christophe Simon/AFP/Getty Images

Crazy, right? How could the queen of aerobic videos have an unhealthy eating disorder?! Fonda revealed a few years back that she was told from a young age that she had to maintain a certain body image — an idea from her father, Henry Fonda. The idea developed into a battle with bulimia that stretched over decades. Thankfully, Fonda has emerged healthier than ever, and looks younger than women half her age, no less.

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