Here’s Why Princess Eugenie’s Wedding Is Going to Be Seriously Uncomfortable for Meghan Markle

It’s an exciting time to be a part of the royal family. With several upcoming weddings, the princes, princesses, and soon-to-be royals are hard at work preparing for their big days. And more recently, everyone can’t stop talking about Princess Eugenie’s engagement.

Meghan Markle will get a wedding invite, of course. But there’s one surprising person going to Eugenie’s wedding who could make it quite uncomfortable for Meghan (No. 13).

1. Eugenie reportedly thinks Meghan and Harry are perfect together

Princess Eugenie in a red hat.

She seems to approve of the couple. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

When Meghan and Harry first started getting romantic, they certainly had Princess Eugenie’s approval. The Daily Express reports back in 2016, Harry and Meghan attended a Halloween party with Eugenie and her now-fiancé, Jack Brooksbank. At the time, Harry and Meghan had only been dating for a few months — but Eugenie considered the couple to be “the perfect match.” As one insider says, “Eugenie loves Meghan to bits.”

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