Procrastinators: How to Get Up and Get Your Work Done

Distractions abound when it’s time to get down to work. It seems like when you really need to complete an important task, the urge to procrastinate strongly pulls you in the wrong direction. Somehow, watching TV, snacking, or talking on the phone seem so much more inviting when an important job needs to get done. Not to worry, The Cheat Sheet is here to help you slay your procrastination demons and get back on track. Here are a few tips for regaining your focus and turbocharging through your projects.

Organize your workspace

Get your work area free and clear of any clutter. Random items will only turn your attention away from what you have to do and delay attempts to begin your work.

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Silence your phone

Remove all visual and auditory distractions. Start with silencing your phone and any other social media alerts. The “do not disturb” setting on your mobile phone is your friend. These small adjustments will help you concentrate on the task at hand.

Avoid social mediaResist the temptation to engage with social media during the time you’re supposed to be working. Before you know it, one comment can turn into a 15- or 20-minute exchange with your digital buddies. This not-so-brief distraction can quickly suck up precious time without you even realizing it. Your best bet is to check your social media pages during your breaks or after your work is done.

stay positiveKeep your game face on and stay in a winning frame of mind. Maintain a positive outlook and give each task your best effort. Even if you don’t accomplish everything on your to-do list, stay upbeat and don’t be too hard on yourself. Just give it your best shot.

Break down big tasksMake your assignment more manageable by chopping up a big task into smaller pieces. This way, you’ll lessen the chance that you’ll become overwhelmed and give up altogether. The key is to pace yourself and take it easy.

Start with the smallest taskBegin with the task that requires the least amount of effort. This will leave you with enough energy to tackle the bigger chores. You can also start by tackling tasks that are the least pleasant so that you can get them out of the way and focus on the more enjoyable parts of your project.

set deadlinesStay focused and motivated by setting a deadline for each task. Just make sure your deadlines are realistic so that you don’t set yourself up for discouragement by missing deadlines that were too strict to meet.

And that, gentlemen, is how you crush procrastination.

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