Quiz: Do You Act Your Age?

The days of hearing your mother tell you to act your age should be long gone, but sometimes, old habits die hard. For some people, maturity comes in spades, but for others, age-appropriate behavior is as unlikely as time travel. From sloppy appearance to binge drinking every weekend, it’s crystal clear when people don’t act their age. Here’s a quick quiz to determine whether or not you’re an offender.

1. How would you dress to meet your significant other’s parents?

family celebrating the holidays

Meeting the parents is a big deal. Don’t blow it with inappropriate attire | iStock.com

A. A sexy dress that shows off your curves in all the right places/a bicep-bearing tee that puts your muscles on display
B. Your favorite pair of ripped jeans and a hoodie — comfort is key
C. Dark jeans, a classic, yet casual top, and a nice pair of flats

Best Answer: C

Save the plunging necklines for your next trip to Vegas — cleavage belongs in Sin City, not at your partner’s parents’ house. While you may be tempted to don a more casual style, don’t let your first impression be the look of a lazy Sunday afternoon. Dress it up a bit, and ensure you look the part of a sophisticated adult who’s mature enough to date their son or daughter.

2. You’re at a special event with a fixed menu, but you don’t like the options. What do you do?

Dinner setting

Dinner setting | Facebook/Joel Robuchon

A. Don’t mention anything, but discreetly move the food around on your plate so it looks like you ate
B. Give it the old college try. Get at least a little something in your stomach, especially if you’re drinking
C. Pull a server aside and ask if you can order off the regular menu

Best Answer: B

Being a picky eater is one thing. Being rude, on the other hand, is quite another. Short of wasting your entire night playing with your food, you’ll be drawing more attention to yourself if you just sit there pushing food around with your fork. And hopefully this goes without saying, but under no circumstances should you ever, ever attempt to order off-menu directly from a server in a situation like this. The hosts have specifically chosen food for the evening, so slap a smile on that face, even if you’re not thrilled with the choices. You’re an adult, so act like it. Chicken fingers belong on the kids’ menu for a reason.

3. You would define your relationship with money as:

Displeased businessman holding money

Still relying on mom and dad for money? | iStock.com/Alen-D

A. I’m fairly good with my money (not in debt), but I’m not totally sure where every penny ends up
B. I know if I ever get into a financial pickle, the bank of mom and dad will bail me out
C. I have a spreadsheet to keep track of all my finances. I have automatic payments for bills every month, and I never touch my savings

Best Answer: C

In case you hadn’t guessed it, as an adult, you should probably know exactly how much money you have coming in each month, and what your necessary (and unnecessary) expenses are. Relying on your parents at this stage in the game is anything but acceptable. And even if you’re not in debt, if you don’t have a hawk’s eye on every penny you earn, you’re well on your way to financial crisis. If you’re interested in discovering just how good, or bad, you are with money, take this quiz to find out.

4. Your go-to Friday night ends at:

friends drinking beer together

Your buddies might not have the best career advice for you | iStock.com

A. What Friday night? I’m in bed before the sun goes down
B. Back home after a few drinks on the town
C. It doesn’t. I party until the sun comes up

Best Answer: B

Sure, everyone enjoys an early night in from time to time. But don’t become a total shut-in who’s never willing to leave the house during the evening hours. Alternatively, a habit of staying up and partying into the wee morning hours probably isn’t your best move. (But when you do find yourself with a nasty hangover, you had better be prepared.) Ending up back at your place, safe and sound after some much-needed cocktails is likely an age-appropriate move.

5. Your go-to Friday night ends with:

Couple talking and drinking coffee

Couple talking and drinking coffee | iStock.com

A. Whomever you live with (significant other, roommates, yourself)
B. The recent college grads who live in your neighborhood
C. The kids you babysit for every weekend

Best Answer: A

You guessed it — you probably shouldn’t be hanging around your neighbors who are fresh out of college and living the post-grad lifestyle (unless of course you’re hashing out your latest in investment opportunities). And, should you really be stuck wiping snot from a kid’s face on your nights off? If you’re still relying on extra cash to supplement your income, we’ll refer you back to question No. 3.

6. Your ideal vacation is:

man and woman sipping wine in a wine cellar

Couple enjoying a wine tasting | iStock.com

A. A cruise with your parents and their friends
B. Vegas, baby
C. Wine country

Best Answer: C

Family reunions are great, but if you’re setting sail on a cruise better suited for your elders than you and your significant other, you could be wasting that precious PTO. And while we love a good trip to Vegas, you might want to save it for your next bachelor or bachelorette party invite. Wine country, however, is a pretty perfect destination for well-behaved adults looking to indulge (and class it up) a bit, in a more elegant manner.

7. Your idea of acceptable imbibing is:

Tired man looking at coffee

Tired man looking at coffee | iStock.com

A. Post-work cocktails during a great happy hour
B. Several drinks when I get home from work every night
C. What happened last night? I typically wake up with fuzzy details from the night before

Best Answer: A

While Forbes points out moderation can be a sliding scale, most medical and industry professionals would advise against hitting the bottle hard every night, even if you are just trying to enjoy some drinks at home. The work day can be long and strenuous, so enjoying a drink or two is sometimes a necessity. But falling into a habit of ending your day, even if you’re in the comfort of your own home, with several drinks each night may not be the best solution.

After-work cocktails, however, are perfectly acceptable during your years as a full-fledged adult. It’s a nice way to unwind from the day, and get some socializing in, too. What’s not professional, though, is blacking out on a regular basis. Leave those memories where they belong — in your past.