Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan From ‘The Real Housewives of New York City’ Officially Hate Each Other — Here’s Why

Sonja Morgan threw some serious shade Ramona Singer’s way with a text that possibly ended their friendship. The two have been thick as thieves for years on The Real Housewives of New York City, but cracks began showing in their friendship in recent seasons.

What happened between these two BFFs and is it really over? The mic drop on page 6 shows why the women’s friendship may never be the same.

1. This is when the friendship began to fracture

Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer posing at an event.

They started off as good friends. | Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images

The ladies’ relationship went bipolar during RHONY season eight as one minute Singer and Morgan were digging into each other on Twitter or at parties, but then hanging out and partying, Bravo’s Daily Dish reports. The women never got this nasty with each other previously so this was a peek into things to come.

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2. Morgan says Singer is MIA

Ramona Singer posing on a red carpet.

Singer hasn’t been there for Morgan. | Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Talent Resources

Digs from season eight translated to season nine as Morgan complained that Singer never had her back. She blogged that the ladies were gabbing behind her back while Singer was in their presence, “She [Ramona] ever sticks up for me. I’m always there to fight for her.”

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3. Is she to blame for the bickering?

Dorinda Medley at a product launch.

Dorinda Medley might have had a helping hand in ruining this friendship.  | Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Talent Resources

Morgan lays blame on RHONY cast member Dorinda Medley for shading her friendship with Singer (and pretty much everyone else on the show). She held a grudge when Medley left Morgan off the guest list for a holiday sleepover at her home in the Berkshires in season eight. Plus Morgan said Medley seemed to worm her way into Singer’s life, creating a wedge between Singer and Morgan, Reality Tea reports.

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4. This may be why Singer pulled away

Singer and Morgan posing together.

They might not need to be friends anymore. | Andy Kropa/Getty Images

Although Singer was a single gal like Morgan, she stopped hanging out with Morgan because of her excessive drinking and often embarrassing behavior. But this is what Singer told People: “I talk to her about things I think are important to her and to her health and she just doesn’t want to hear it,” she said. “We just sort of grow part. If someone doesn’t want to help themselves, how can you really be there for them?”

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5. Morgan drops this bomb

Sonja Morgan posing on a red carpet.

Morgan decided to show Singer how she really felt. | Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Fashion Institute of Technology

Only a few episodes into season 10 and Morgan shoots this text to Singer for not having her back: “You’re a bitch, Ramona,” People reports. “You never stand up for me. You cannot compare each other’s pain. Period. You could have cleared it up because you know the truth. You know I never cheated on my husband. I loved him and then could not stay with him. It was extremely difficult on me and you did nothing to diffuse it at brunch as usual.”

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6. Is it really the end?

Morgan speaking at an NYC fashion event.

Morgan is ready to call it quits with Singer. | Trisha Leeper/Getty Images for Macy’s

Morgan sounds like there is no turning back. “I’m done,” People recounted from a season 10 episode. “I’ve benched her before, and it didn’t work. I always take her back. This is the kiss of death. Hasta la vista!”

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7. Singer may be throwing Morgan under the bus because of this reason

Ramona Singer standing on a red carpet in a black dress.

Ramona Singer isn’t the easiest person to get along with. | Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for WE tv

A number of RHONY women have experienced vicious fights with Singer, especially last season during Singer’s acrimonious fallout with Bethenny Frankel. Rather than just staying in her own lane, Singer is calling Morgan out this season in her attempt to get back into the ladies’ good graces, Vulture points out.

Morgan stirred strong emotions when she kept trying to compare her divorce to Medley’s husband’s death. Eventually Singer said, “Enough Sonja. Stop, stop, stop. Say you’re sorry!” People recounted. “When someone gets upset, you just say you’re sorry — whether you’re right or your upset, just say you’re sorry.”

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8. Singer’s blog said a lot about her friendship with Morgan

Morgan and Singer posing on a red carpet.

This friendship seems unrepairable. | Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images

Although Morgan is stewing, Singer seems to be rather blah about the friendship. She wrote in a recent blog: “Sonja just talks to talk, and it’s such nonsense. For Sonja to say that I’m having a party for no reason is indicative of her not being present in reality. I’m throwing a party to congratulate Carole on completing the NYC marathon!” Sounds like Singer is really over it.

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