4 Reasons Why a Woman Breaks Up With Her Partner

From undeniable deal-breakers to semi-questionable behavior, there are lots of reasons to break up with your partner. Do you know what makes a woman, in particular, decide to call it quits in the first place? Though some reasons are undoubtedly similar to the ones men cite, there are some differences. These four reasons are often why a woman breaks up with her partner.

1. Her partner tried to fix everything

woman during an argument

Sometimes, a woman just wants a listening ear | iStock.com/Wavebreakmedia

There’s nothing worse than being aggravated about something, wanting a little empathy, and not getting it. While having a partner who wants to help you solve problems and weigh in with sound advice when prompted can be a plus, some things can’t be fixed, nor do they need to be. Helen Fisher, PhD and relationship expert, tells Men’s Health, a woman often just needs someone to listen to her vent. If you’re constantly trying to solve her problems, it could appear you doubt her ability to do it on her own. Sometimes, it’s better to provide moral support without a side of solutions.

2. She doubts her partner’s ability to be a good parent

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Man napping on a couch | iStock.com

In a survey conducted by Men’s Health and Glamour, over 5,000 women were asked why they dump men. The results showed 61% of respondents said a man’s potential as a husband and father was “extremely important.” If a woman is looking for a partner to eventually start a family with, it’s likely his or her potential as a good parent is non-negotiable. Thankfully, Ian Kerner, PhD and author of She Comes First, says in the piece that several qualities women are attracted to are the same things that would make a good father, such as communication skills.

3. Her needs weren’t being met

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Every woman has different needs | iStock.com/Kikovic

Some women need constant physical attention, while others need more emotional support. Some need verbal reassurance, while others need alone time and personal space. Whatever the case may be, every woman has her own love language, and being able to vocalize what’s important to her is imperative in any successful relationship. According to Bustle, women should say sayonara if her needs aren’t being met, whether she’s in love with her partner or not.

4. She was treated differently in different settings

Angry woman with couple

Irritated woman at coffee shop | iStock.com

No one wants to worry about how their partner is going to treat them on any given day. And when people act one way in private, then totally opposite in public, that’s a huge red flag. YourTango says, most women realize they shouldn’t hang all over their partner around his or her friends. The story says ladies know what makes them “end up looking like the Guy With The Needy Girlfriend.” But when that partner takes a nasty tone to make sure everyone knows who wears the pants in the relationship? Not OK. Women simply don’t want to tolerate such Tarzan behavior.