Regular People Reveal What They Looked Like Before Undergoing Extreme Plastic Surgery

You’ve heard the stories: Regular people, mothers, fathers, businessmen, and women tire of their appearance and get a brow lift or breast enhancement. However, sometimes it doesn’t stop there.

The regular people on this list have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and undergone hundreds of procedures to emulate their idols, alter their appearance, or escape their past. Two of them have undergone nearly half a million dollars to look like the toys of our childhood (pages 6 and 7). One woman even fooled the internet and caused a serious uproar (page 8).

Lorrie Arias, ‘Swan Lorrie’

Lorrie Aria's before and after photos.

She became a completely different woman. | TheAgelessSisters via YouTube

Lorrie Arias, now age 44, underwent $300,000 worth of plastic surgery. These procedures included a dual facelift, upper lip lift, brow lift, nose job, and breast implants. In 2004 she became a contestant on The Swan, “the most sadistic show of the decade,” wherein two program-dubbed “ugly ducklings” underwent a transformation at the hands of a panel of specialists.

Previous to being cast, Arias was a police department volunteer who had lost a significant amount of weight. Frustrated with the extra skin she maintained, she went on the show in the hopes of receiving a tummy tuck. Instead, over the course of two and a half months of filming, she received the most procedures of any other contestant on the show.

Korean eye surgery

A young Korean girl's before and after photos.

Plastic Surgery is very common in Korea. | Top Most Rare via YouTube

South Korea has the highest worldwide per capita rate of plastic surgery: According to Jezebel, one out of five women in Seoul, the nation’s capital, has undergone some kind of procedure. Many men have as well.

The most popular surgery includes eyelid surgery that makes your eyes appear larger. Second to the eye surgery is getting one’s jawbone shaved/chiseled down to thin the face into a “V” shape.

Erik Sprague, ‘The Lizardman’

The Lizardman before and after.

He loves his life as The Lizardman. | via Pinterest

Erik Sprague literally made himself into “The Lizardman,” enduring over 700 hours of tattooing, head-to-toe. He also received subdermally implanted Teflon studs above his eyebrows, had his teeth filed and pointed and got a bifurcated (split) tongue.

His website calls him a “pioneering figure in body modification and modern sideshow,” and notes he is a Guinness World Record holder as well as a prominently featured figure in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not museums worldwide.

Maria Jose Cristerna, ‘Vampire Mother’

Maria Jose Before and After.

She lives a normal life as Vampire Mother. | SM Celebrity via YouTube

Cristerna, known as the “Vampire Mother,” underwent a multitude of procedures to free herself from her self-admitted “abusive past.” She found the extreme makeover empowering.

Cristerna got hundreds of tattoos, had titanium horns embedded into her skull, and had extensive piercings put in all over her body. Before the procedures, Cristerna, a lawyer, and mother, had dark brown hair and only two visible piercings: a hoop in her nose and a stud under her lower lip.

Jocelyn Wildenstein goes ‘cat-like’

Before and after photos of Jocelyn Wildenstein.

Left: Jocelyn Wildenstein as a rising New York socialite | TheRichest via YouTube  ,Right: Wildenstein after undergoing extensive surgeries to look like a feline. | TheRichest via YouTube

Jocelyn Wildenstein is a New York socialite who began her plastic surgery journey with an eye lift during her first year of marriage to Alec Wildenstein, a businessmen heir to a billion-dollar fortune. She reportedly continued getting surgeries to appear “cat-like” due to her husband’s love of big cats.

In 1998 Alec told Vanity Fair that they got “his-and-hers” facelifts, calling that the beginning. “I don’t think I’ve known her when she wasn’t healing from something,” a friend told Vanity Fair. She continued to get extensive plastic surgery after her nasty divorce with Alec.

Nannette Hammond, the real-life Barbie

Before and After of Nannette Hammond.

Left: Nannette Hammond before her surgeries. | News Dog TV, Right: Her transformation into Human Barbie. | News Dog TV

Nannette Hammond, the “real-life Barbie doll,” spent nearly half a million dollars to look like the famous children’s toy. She underwent procedures like multiple breast augmentations to reach a 28H cup size, lip fillers, botox, and veneers.

Before she was “Barbie,” Hammond was a natural brunette with dark eyes and a cheeky smile.

Rodrigo Alves, the human Ken doll

Before and After of Human Ken Doll.

He underwent a complete transformation. | AriseXchange via YouTube

Alves, the “Human Ken Doll,” spent about $100,000 less than Hammond, but plans to compete in the future and undergo more procedures. At this point, the 43-year-old Brazilian Brit had Botox injections and fillers, multiple nose jobs, liposuction on his legs and jaw, pectoral implants and a fake six-pack created, arm fillers, a hair transplant, and calf shaping.

Before he was “Ken,” Alves had dark hair and features as well as a fuller face and physique.

Busted! Sahar Tabar tricks the Internet in her quest to look like Angelina Jolie

Before and after photos of Sahar Tabar.

She looks completely different now. | KyzaSoze1 via Twitter

Iranian teen Sahar Tabar, 19, claimed to have 50 surgeries to look like her obsession, Angelina Jolie. Tabar, who said she had lip fillers and a nose job, now wears blue contacts. She recently posted a series of pictures on social media that show what she looked like before her “dramatic surgeries.”

Along with the surgeries, Tabar claimed she went on a diet to look more like her idol. She said she “would do anything” to look like Jolie. However, upon being asked for proof that she actually made these drastic changes, Tabar couldn’t follow through. It turns out Tabar was just using Photoshop and employing prosthetics in her photos.

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