Relationship Advice: An Easy New Way to Get Rid of Clutter from Your Ex after a Breakup


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Relationships are tough. It takes hard work to make sure things run smoothly. Although being in a relationship can be rewarding, one thing that’s no so great about relationships is breakups. When things end, you’re left not only with the heartbreak but also physical reminders of what once was. The dreaded relationship clutter, especially if you lived with your partner, can make the pain of the breakup fresh again. The last thing you want to see are old gifts, clothes, and other reminders from your ex when you’re trying to nurse a broken heart.

Fortunately, there’s a solution for clutter left by your ex. There’s a new service called ExBox that takes all your relationship clutter and makes sure you don’t see it. The Cheat Sheet spoke with Amory Wooden, MakeSpace’s VP of Brand, to learn more about this service and how it can help heal your hurting heart.

The Cheat Sheet: What prompted the creation of ExBox?

Amory Wooden: Breakups suck, and no one wants to be reminded of them with the remains of things from a previous relationship. As cuffing season approaches, we wanted to offer customers a fun way to transition into the season by giving them back their own space! ExBox was created to help you toss bad memories in storage until further notice.

CS: How does ExBox work?

AW: It’s pretty simple! You can head to ExBox’s site and choose your city. To know the severity of how badly we need to get rid of your things, you must rank how awful your ex was (10 being the worst). Fill out what items of your ex’s that you plan on stashing away. Share your phone number and ZIP code to see how much your discount code will be.

Next, a MakeSpace/ExBox representative will schedule a time to pick up your unwanted items and drive them to a storage facility so it’s out of sight and out of mind!

CS: How much does this service cost?

AW: Monthly prices start at around $79 a month (prices vary by ZIP code), but as users go through the online sign-up process, they’ll unlock different levels of discounts (based on questions that determine how awful your ex was), and a lucky number of users will unlock free storage.

CS: What are some items that do not qualify for removal?

AW: MakeSpace will pick up reminders of your ex from your place as it pertains to MakeSpace’s storage rules. We know you may want to get rid of everything, but MakeSpace won’t store your ex’s old food or perishables, drugs, explosives, guns, flammables, animals, insects, fungal or bacterial cultures, or hazardous or toxic items. We recommend throwing it away in the trash. And if your ex left those items behind, you’re probably better off without him or her!

CS: What if you change your mind and want the items back? What’s the process for retrieval?

AW: When you’re ready, MakeSpace will bring your items back at your request. Users can go to the MakeSpace app or site to schedule a time for a SpaceMaker to drop off your items at your convenience.

CS: Can customers use ExBox for reasons other than a breakup? What if you just want to remove clutter?

AW: ExBox is powered by MakeSpace, the leading full-service storage solution that uses a combination of advanced technology and a team of expertly trained moving professionals to make storage easier than ever before. The company’s business model provides the on-demand technology that consumers expect, coupled with low prices they may not. By only charging customers for the exact space they need, MakeSpace gives them back valuable space in their own homes, on their terms. MakeSpace’s mission is to drive consumers costs down and empower them with the tools to store and interact with their personal belongings in the most convenient way possible.

If you’re looking to get rid of clutter unrelated to your ex, MakeSpace is the perfect solution for living with less and reclaiming your space. How it works:

  • All supplies are included. MakeSpace storage experts provide customers with all the necessary supplies needed to safely pack their belongings, including complimentary bins and wardrobe boxes.
  • No movers or trucks required. A dedicated team handles the safe transportation of customers’ belongings to a fully-secure storage facility, which is closely monitored by 24-hour security.
  • Photo inventory of stored items. Upon arrival at the storage facility, the team takes overhead photos of each bin and piece of furniture to create a personal photo inventory of all items. This allows customers to know exactly what they have stored at all times, without ever needing to physically visit their unit.
  • On-demand delivery of stored items. Customers can view their personal photo inventory of stored item through their individual account on the MakeSpace mobile app or website. From there, they can quickly select items to be returned to them on-demand as they need.
  • Infinite storage inventory. Unlike traditional storage companies, which are limited to one-size-fits-all options, MakeSpace customizes plans to charge customers only for the space they use.

CS: Why do you think people have such a hard time letting go of items that remind them of their ex?

AW: Breakups are emotional and exhausting, and the last thing people want to do is think about getting rid of stuff. It is a physical reminder that is upsetting and comforting all at the same time. ExBox helps people move on by removing a common roadblock–stuff.

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