Relationship Advice: Here’s How to Choose the Best Date Location


The location of your date can make all the difference. | criene/Getty Images

What are some of the best spots to fall in love? If you’ve been searching for the best place to take your date, you’re in luck. The folks over at Hinge, a dating app, released a list of the best date spots across the country to fall in love this autumn.

The Cheat Sheet spoke with experts at Hinge to learn more about the list and the best places to go.

The Cheat Sheet: What are some things that make a location a good place to go on a date?

Hinge: The best date spots are the ones that really allow your personality to shine. Since most people are battling nerves on a first date, make sure to choose a spot that is enticing for both parties. Additionally, an activity can be a nice icebreaker. It provides something to bond over as well as a more organic way to chat about something.

The Cheat Sheet: What are some things that make a location undesirable for a date?

Hinge: We’ve surveyed our members and found the best first dates are activities, as opposed to just grabbing drinks at a bar. While it’s common for people to choose a bar for a first date, the experience can be monotonous and underwhelming. Hinge wants to change that. By treating your date to an exciting experience, like the suggestions from the “Great Date” program, you’re more likely to have an engaging and overall positive experience, that is also likely to turn into a second date.

The Cheat Sheet: How can you and your partner both agree on where to go? Who should decide?

Hinge: You should decide together! When choosing a date, the best thing you can do is find a common interest you share and use that as inspiration. Shared love of the great outdoors? Try going for a hike or renting bikes for the afternoon. If you find you both love art, take a trip to a local gallery or museum. Finding that commonality will create the perfect environment for a great first date.

The Cheat Sheet: Could you share some tips for a successful first date?

Hinge: Most first dates happen at a bar nearby, but the best dates are unique. With our Great Dates program, we’re encouraging our employees and our community to seek out different and interesting date spots so they can spark a more meaningful connection.

Furthermore, if you had a great first date, don’t wait to let them know that you’d like to see them again. Dating shouldn’t be about playing games, it’s about being vulnerable and authentic.  Be yourself by staying true to your personality, you’re more likely to make a meaningful connection with someone who understands and enjoys you for you!

The Cheat Sheet: How does the Hinge app work?

Hinge: At Hinge, we believe the quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life. So, it makes sense to take a more thoughtful approach. Hinge provides an alternative to “swipe culture” by creating smart matches and natural conversations among people who are on the same page. That’s why 75% of our first dates turn into second dates, and why we’re the No. 1 mobile-first dating app mentioned in The New York Times wedding section. Hinge is where the next generation is going when they’re over dating games and ready to find meaningful connections.

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