Relationships: How Your Diet Can Help (or Hurt) Your Marriage

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After an incredibly stressful day at work or super emotionally charged event, there’s absolutely nothing better than reaching for the heftiest candy bar, bowl of mac n’ cheese, or any comfort food we can get our hands on. We’ve all been guilty of this food fix at some point or another, but is there actually science behind this type of emotional eating or is it all in our heads? Recent research has found that there may be a physiological reason for this reaction, and relationship problems in particular can be a major diet-buster.

According to a study published in the journal Clinical Psychological Science, there is a clear link between marital distress and poor food choices.

The study from the University of Delaware observed 43 couples, looking to find how marital stress affects appetite and eating patterns. One of the researchers, Lisa Jaremka, assistant professor of psychological and brain sciences, has been studying how social stressors affect diet for some time. But this study took her previous research even further, by specifically examining stress with married couples.

For the study, participants attended two sessions, each nine and a half hours long. During the sessions, they would spend time with their partner and attempt to solve some sort of problem in their relationship. These couples were later given questionnaires and partook in bloods tests. The researchers also collected data on participants’ diets, mood disorders, and sleep quality.

While the study was in progress, the participants’ hormone levels were tested. First before the meal, at two, four, and then seven hours later.

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