Relax! Binge-Drinking Is Just 1 Thing More Likely to Kill You Than a North Korean Missile

If a giant tube of explosives hurtling toward America doesn’t kill you, chances are a painful disease will. Statistics say Americans will receive a diagnosis for one of the following diseases or die of an accident before being killed by a North Korean missile.

Review these ways you’re more likely to die and review your lifestyle so you can outlive any North Korean missile threats.

North Korea’s testing missiles to launch

north korea military marching at the capitol

North Korean missiles can reach the U.S. mainland. | Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images

Here’s what you need to know before we discuss diseases. Kim Jong Un has been threatening to launch missiles at the United States. His threats have made Americans concerned about nuclear war. CNN reports recent missile tests conducted by North Korea demonstrate their missiles can reach the U.S. mainland. While this is worrisome, the likelihood is higher your demise will come from a common disease.

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