Report Reveals Trump Was Desperate to Save Donald Jr. and Vanessa’s Marriage

Since the news broke about Vanessa Trump filing for divorce from Donald Trump Jr., there has been a lot of speculation about the marriage and its reasons for ending. From rumors of his stinginess with his wife to his affair with Aubrey O’Day — not to mention his controversial Twitter account — Don Jr. can’t seem to catch a break. And if anyone knows what it’s like to be a constant subject of public scorn, it’s his father.

Apparently, President Donald Trump had “tremendous respect” for his son and daughter-in-law’s marriage because reports say he tried to help them save it.

Donald Trump introduced his son to Vanessa

Vanessa Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Donald Trump and Melania Trump

Donald Trump introduced his son to his future wife. | Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Don Jr. met his future wife at a fashion show in 2003 when Trump introduced himself to her and asked whether he could introduce his son. They had a brief, awkward conversation, and Vanessa wasn’t impressed. In fact, it was so unmemorable that Trump asked her to meet his son again just a few minutes later.

Six weeks later, the couple met again through mutual friends, and Vanessa blurted out, “You’re the one with the retarded dad!” Yikes. That time, however, they hit it off.

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A match made in heaven?

Donald Trump Jr and Vanessa Trump

He allegedly started cheated years ago. | Bryan Bedder/Getty Images For IMG

The Trumps have five children together and were married for 12 years, so one would assume they had a good relationship. But according to some sources, it was doomed years ago when Don Jr. had an affair with Aubrey O’Day, who was once a contestant on The Celebrity Apprentice. And rumor has it he was the one who pursued O’Day, claiming his marriage was dissolving and he was going to leave his wife.

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Did Trump intervene even then?

US President Donald Trump

Trump apparently told his son to knock it off. | Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

Like most wives would be, Vanessa was apparently devastated once she learned of her husband’s affair. And to make things worse, she was pregnant at the time. According to Page Six, Don Jr. was considering leaving his wife for O’Day when Donald Trump intervened.

Trump told his son to “knock it off,” and Don Jr. apparently felt immense pressure from his family to stay in his marriage. The couple did end up working things out, welcoming a fourth and then a fifth child together. But some say the marriage was basically over before O’Day even came along.

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Trump tried to prevent a split this time, as well

Donald Trump again tried to keep the couple together. | Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

According to a source close with the Trump family, Donald Trump tried to intervene this time as well. He was aware of the couple’s marital problems even before the couple’s last public outing at a 40th birthday party for Don Jr. on New Year’s Eve at Mar-a-Lago.

Donald Trump allegedly tried to persuade the couple to give it more time, but clearly it didn’t work. And the president apparently isn’t happy about failing as a marriage counselor.

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A family tradition

donald trump jr in an elevator at trump tower

Don Jr. was often apart from the family.  | John Moore/Getty Images

One of the alleged reasons the Trump marriage didn’t work out is Vanessa struggled with her time apart from her husband. He was away for work a lot, leaving her to raise five kids on her own.

It’s no secret that Donald Trump always worked long hours when his children were growing up, leaving Ivana to raise the family. And it’s also no secret that he wasn’t faithful in his marriages. Perhaps Don Jr. is just doing what was modeled to him.

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His unusual need for privacy

Donald Trump Jr. raising his fist in the air

He didn’t want the Secret Service following him around. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

If Donald Trump Jr. and Audrey O’Day were having an affair, this might explain Don Jr.’s sudden need for privacy. Despite the necessity of Secret Service protection, he decided one day he didn’t want them around anymore. Don Jr. requested Secret Service for him and possibly his wife and children to be suspended, according to The New York Times. He reportedly said he wanted more privacy. However, the Secret Service detail was restored not long afterward.

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His obnoxious habit

Donald Trump Jr in a crowd on his phone

She had to ask her mother for money. | John Moore/Getty Images

Despite appearances, Vanessa was not living the Trump lifestyle, according to Page Six. Friends say Donald Trump Jr. has a habit of being cheap, and allegedly put his wife on a strict budget. Sources say the mother of five was so strapped for cash that she didn’t even have enough money to pay her bill when she went out to eat dinner with friends. Sources also claim Vanessa would have to ask her mother for money.

Although Vanessa’s spokesperson denies the claims, friends are saying otherwise. “He treats her like a second-class citizen,” a source told Page Six. “He gives her very little help and has been keeping her on a tight budget. She doesn’t live a lavish life and can very rarely pick up a check at dinner.” Another source claims Don Jr. was never generous with his money.

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Is Twitter also to blame?

Don Jr.’s increased tweeting might have been a factor. | Win McNamee/AFP/Getty Images

President Donald Trump is known for his lengthy Twitter tirades, and recently, Don Jr. has increased his tweeting, as well. In fact, his tweets supposedly are one of the reasons Vanessa has had enough. According to sources close to the couple, Don Jr. has become more unhinged, and some of them are worried about him.

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Did Trump have ulterior motives?

Vanessa Trump is no longer covered by spousal privilege. | Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

There might be a rather sinister reason the president wants Vanessa to remain married to his son: the Russia investigation. Vanessa just hired a criminal defense attorney to represent her in the divorce, which seems odd considering the split is said to be amicable.

This has sparked rumors about what might happen if Vanessa is no longer covered by spousal privilege, meaning she may talk to Robert Mueller about what Don Jr. knew about the Russia investigation. But that would take the divorce to a dark place, and even though Trump’s daughter-in-law didn’t take his advice to stay married, she seems to want to keep things peaceful.

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Who is Vanessa Trump?

She’s a former model. | Scott Olson/Getty Images

Just like almost all the women in the Trump family (both past and present family members) Vanessa is a former model. (Marla Maples as well as Ivana, Melania, and Ivanka Trump are all former models, so this is no surprise.) Vanessa used to work with the Wilhelmina agency and grew up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York. She’s known for possibly dating actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Additional reporting by Sheiresa Ngo.

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