Revealing Details About Kate Middleton’s Royal Feud With Princess Beatrice

There has always been some mystery regarding how Kate Middleton gets along with the rest of the Royal Family.

But there is one relationship we know isn’t rosy and wonderful, and that’s with Princess Beatrice. Prince William’s cousin has actually never seemed to be very fond of Kate. And the reasons for their fractured relationship are quite shocking.

Let’s take a quick look at the revealing details, and some other heated royal feuds many people don’t know about, including a nasty feud involving Queen Elizabeth (No. 10).

1. Before Kate was even around …

Beatrice Ferguson, Sarah Ferguson and Eugenie Ferguson stand together and smile.

The Ferguson sisters have stood by their mother. | John Parra/Getty Images for Cantor Fitzgerald

… there was already bad blood. Princess Beatrice is the daughter of the former Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson. The Royal Family shunned Fergie for her ridiculous antics, and her daughters stood by her side. This reportedly created a rift between Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie — more on Eugenie a little later — and Princes William and Harry. Beatrice’s issues with William no doubt had an impact on her early relationship with Kate.

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2. The issue of royal status

Beatrice Ferguson smiles while wearing a hat.

The jealousy is in the air. |  Jonathan Brady/WPA Pool/Getty Images

Princess Beatrice has long had a problem with Kate Middleton’s rise in royal status, and in popularity. This is compounded by fear drudged up by the prospect of Prince Charles, Kate’s father-in-law, taking the throne after Queen Elizabeth. Under Charles’ rule, the Royal Family would become a more exclusive group including all the heirs — like Kate’s husband, Prince William. This would further push Princess Beatrice into Kate’s shadow.

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3. Beatrice’s public disdain

Kate Middleton waving a flag while sitting with her family in a balcony.

Can you spot the subtle shade? | Dave Thompson/AFP/GettyImages

Heck, Princess Beatrice doesn’t even hide the fact that she doesn’t like the Duchess of Cambridge! Take a look at any photo from a Royal Family gathering, and you will mostly see polite smiles and thoughtful chitchat. Except from Beatrice, who is regularly photographed glaring right at Kate Middleton.

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4. The rollerskating party

Kate Middleton lies after a roller skate fall.

This charity event wasn’t all fun and games. | YouTube

One incident that brought this royal feud to the surface was Kate’s roller disco charity event back in 2008. The event is mostly remembered for the photo of Kate lying flat on her back after tripping in her skates. But Kate also reportedly gave Princess Beatrice the cold shoulder all evening. This surely irked Beatrice, who was already feeling like she was in the soon-to-be-Duchess’s shadow.

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5. The wedding invitation

Princess Beatrice smiles while wearing a dress and hat.

Beatrice wasn’t allowed a plus-one for the wedding of the year. | WPA/Pool

Beatrice certainly made a scene at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding in 2011 thanks to her octopus-like hat. But she was also upset over the fact that her boyfriend, Dave Clark, and her mother were not invited to the event. Fergie has expressed publicly that she was hurt by the snub. Of course, this gave Beatrice yet another reason to dislike Kate.

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6. Prince George’s christening

Princess Beatrice walks alongside her boyfriend Dave Clark.

Since her beau wasn’t being invited to intimate family events, she did not attend Princess Charlotte’s christening as an act of protest. | Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Prince William reportedly didn’t get along well with Beatrice’s former boyfriend Dave Clark. (Hence him not getting invited to the wedding.) William and Kate then didn’t invite Dave to Prince George’s christening, where it was thought that Beatrice may be chosen as the godmother. (Which she wasn’t.) Beatrice never quite let it go, and was a no-show at Princess Charlotte’s christening a couple years later.

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7. Where Princess Eugenie fits in

Princess Eugenia stands next to Kate Middleton on a balcony.

Princess Eugenie doesn’t seem to be any closer to Kate than Beatrice is. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

You don’t hear as much about Princess Eugenie’s beef with Kate Middleton. But she is loyal to her sister, and isn’t a fan of the Duchess of Cambridge either. She too thinks that Kate acts like a diva, and is not a fan of having to be in her shadow.

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8. Princess Diana vs. Prince Charles

Princess Diana and Prince Charles  | Patrick Riviere/Getty Images

Trouble between Princess Diana and Prince Charles started not long after the two wed in 1981. The Princess of Wales documented her unhappiness in their marriage before they separated in 1992. The recordings she provided to a journalist revealed the battles between the pair that the palace certainly did not want the public to know about –including the prince’s infidelity and Diana’s attempt to take her own life.

The drama between them only continued after they split when they each agreed to do sit-down interviews that did not put the other in a good light.

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9. Princess Diana vs. Camilla Parker Bowles

Princess Diana | Torsten Blackwood/AFP/Getty Images

While married to Diana, Prince Charles kept in contact and continued to see his former girlfriend, Camilla Parker Bowles. When the princess learned about that, she confronted his mistress. The details of that exchange were discussed in Andrew Morton’s biography, Diana: Her True Story. The princess recalled how she showed up at a party unannounced, went right up to Bowles, and told her that she knew about the affair.

“I said, ‘I know what’s going on between you and Charles and I just want you to know that,'” Diana recounted in the taped conversation.

She said that Bowles did not deny anything and responded by saying, “You’ve got everything you ever wanted. You’ve got all the men in the world fall in love with you and you’ve got two beautiful children, what more do you want?”

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10. Queen Elizabeth II vs. Princess Diana

Queen Elizabeth II holding an umbrella with one hand while waving with the other.

Queen Elizabeth II | Ben Stansall/Getty Images

The queen was not at all pleased with Diana and Charles airing out their dirty laundry to the press, but the bombshell Panorama interview Diana did with Martin Bashir in 1995 was the last straw for Her Majesty.

It was during that conversation that the Princess of Wales uttered an unforgettable line —  “There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded” — when speaking about the prince cheating on her. Diana also opened up about how often she was intimate with Charles and her own affair with a riding instructor, James Hewitt.

Unhappy with everything her daughter-in-law revealed, the queen sent a letter requesting that the princess divorce her son. Their divorce was granted in 1996. As for the network that aired the candid interview, it lost the exclusive rights to the queen’s Christmas broadcast.

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11. Camilla Parker Bowles vs. Kate Middleton

Camilla Parker Bowles and Kate Middleton standing next to each other while standing outdoors with their family.

Camilla Parker Bowles and Kate Middleton | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

In 2016, a book by Christopher Andersen stirred speculation that Prince William’s stepmother was desperate for him to break up with Kate Middleton.

Andersen claimed in Game of Crowns that the Duchess of Cornwall asked Prince Charles to coax William into breaking things off with Middleton in 2007, and he did. The reason is said to be because Bowles was trying hard to win over the British public and was “disgusted” that everyone seemed to fall in love with Middleton instead of her.

When William and Middleton got back together weeks later, Bowles was reportedly ticked off by how the public embraced the commoner all over again.

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12. Prince Charles vs. Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prince William walks with Kate Middleton behind Prince Charles.

The royal family has met their share of drama. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

In 2011, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Canada and Los Angeles together as a married couple. The popular royals were hoping to impress all with their first official trip, but they reportedly struck out with Prince Charles.

According to Sally Bedell Smith’s biography on Charles, the prince thought that his son and daughter-in-law were in far too many “tasteless” photos while on their North American trip. It was also reported that Charles was jealous of William and Kate’s popularity, given the large crowds that greeted them during their trip — which were much bigger than the small number of people who greeted him and Bowles when they traveled abroad.

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13. Prince Phillip vs. Fergie

Sarah Ferguson walking out of a black car.

Sarah Ferguson | Jonathan Leibson/Stringer

Despite divorcing in 1996, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson have always remained close and focused on raising their daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. One family member, though, who can’t seem to bury his hard feelings for the Duchess of York is Prince Phillip.

Andrew’s father apparently never forgave Fergie for the damage she caused to his family’s reputation with her extramarital affairs and inability to keep her name out of the tabloids. Phillip’s loathe for the Duke of York’s ex-wife was evident when Andrew invited her to the Royal Ascot in 2015. Upon her arrival, the queen waved to her son and Ferguson. Phillip, however, did not look pleased when he saw Fergie and actually did a double take (which was captured by photographers) to let everyone know that he couldn’t believe she was there.

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14. Queen Elizabeth vs. Prince Charles

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles outside during a garden party.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles | Sang Tan/WPA Pool/Getty Images

There was a supposed rift between Prince Charles and his mother following Diana’s death. The Daily Mail reported that a biography about Camilla Parker Bowles discussed the role she had in comforting Charles after he received word that Diana had passed away.

The book alleges that the queen did not comfort her son after he learned that his ex-wife died at a hospital in Paris nor did either one of them “discuss logistics.” Perhaps it was shock or confusion, as it was a difficult time in which the monarchy had to deal with an unspeakable tragedy and worry about what the public perception of them would be going forward.

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15. Royals vs. the press

Kate Middleton is in a red strapless dress and is standing next to Prince William as an ambassador giving a speech.

The press might be the royal family’s biggest concern. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

One of the most complicated relationships the royals have is with the press. The family has argued time and time again that their privacy is invaded far too often.

In 1992, photographers captured some rather embarrassing pictures of Fergie sunbathing topless and getting her toes sucked by another man while still married to Andrew. Two years later, Prince Charles was photographed in the buff while vacationing in France, and years after that, paparazzi snapped a picture of the Duchess of Cambridge sunbathing without a top on. But the constant following and hounding of Princess Diana is where the deepest wounds lie as the press chased her around to her death in 1997.

Additional reporting by Michelle Kapusta.

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