Revealing Secrets About What Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Are Really Like as Parents

Ivanka Trump may be under a constant spotlight for her role as the president’s daughter and special assistant, but she’s a mother above all else. She and her husband, Jared Kushner, have three children together: Arabella Rose, 6, Joseph Frederick, 4, and Theodore James, 1.

Though Trump has called being a mother “the most rewarding experience,” she’s also called it “the most wild and stressful.” We’re sure that’s especially true while the family is still adapting to life in Washington, D.C.

Their kids’ ability to adjust to their new life says a lot about how they’re being raised. Thanks to these revealing secrets, we can catch a glimpse into what Trump and Kushner are really like as parents.

1. It took time to adapt to being a family of 5

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump walking down a stair case.

Their family is always under the spotlight. | Wojtek Radwanski/AFP/Getty Images

Understandably, it took some time for Trump and Kushner to adapt to being a family of five. In July 2016, Trump admitted, “We’re acclimating to our new reality of having three babies at home.” She continued, “So it always takes a little while to adjust and find your family’s new rhythm.”

It wasn’t smooth sailing for their two oldest kids to get used to having a little brother around, either. Trump claimed, “Arabella was incredibly excited about Theodore when I was pregnant with him, and Joseph had zero interest.”

However, once they got used to having Theodore around, Trump revealed how much the tables have turned. “Joseph is now more interested in Theodore than Arabella is,” she said. “He’s always asking to kiss him. ‘Can I hug my baby, can I kiss my baby?’ And for Arabella, the novelty of Theodore wore off really quickly.”

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2. Trump tries to have individual time with each child

Donald Trump Opens His New Golf Course At Turnberry.

Ivanka enjoys getting her father involved with their family. | Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Having three kids surely makes it difficult to give each child the attention they deserve. That’s why Trump is sure to set individual play dates with each child. When Theodore was only a 3-month-old, Trump explained how their family transitioned:

I think everyone has to work extra hard to make the older siblings feel loved and secure of their place when you’re going through a time of transition. I try to carve out special time with each of them. Joseph loves playing with cars. Arabella could read with me for hours. Poor Theo. He’s always the one where they’re interrupting his time with me. But ultimately I think it will be good for him.

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3. Weekends are family time

Ivanka and Jared walking with their children.

Despite Jared and Ivanka’s busy schedules, they try to spend time as a family. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Even though Trump and Kushner may be busy with their roles in the Trump administration, they carve out time on the weekends for their family. Trump said, “We work really hard during the week and we really prioritize weekends for just being sort of reconnecting as a family.”

She added, “It’s very seldom that we’ll have a commitment on a Saturday or a Sunday. It’s really about us being together.”

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4. Trump gardens with the kids

Ivanka Trump's children playing inside a kitchen.

Her children are very down to earth.| Ivanka Trump via Instagram

Trump may have grown up as a city girl, but she makes sure to expose her kids to a variety of lifestyles. During their weekend adventures, She’ll often take the family to their country house for some gardening.

“I love gardening with the kids, so that’s something I have a lot of fun with,” Trump said. “We produce a lot of produce. We’ve got tomatoes, strawberries. It’s so much fun, I never grew up doing this.”

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5. Trump calls Kushner ‘hands on’

Jared and his son smiling while sitting on a boat.

Trump thinks that Jared is a great father. | Ivanka Trump via Instagram

Trump gushed about her husband’s role as a father. She explained, “Jared is really incredibly hands on as a dad. For him what’s most important is his family.”

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6. Their close family babysits while they’re working

Ivanka and Jared stand with their three children.

They’re one happy family. | Ivanka Trump via Instagram

Although Trump and Kushner have a nanny to watch their kids when they go to work, their close family often steps in, too. Trump said, “My mother-in-law lives two blocks away.”

She added, “And my sister-in-law Vanessa [Donald Jr.’s wife] is a machine. She has five children and she’s Wonder Woman to me. I have no idea how she does it. She can take all of them and not even notice.”

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7. They cook together

She loves cooking meals for her family. | Ivanka Trump via Instagram

Cooking is a family affair in the Trump-Kushner household. “One of the things [my husband and I] enjoy the most is cooking: I love to cook and he loves to eat,” Ivanka jokes.

She added that “[Arabella] helps me in the kitchen. Baking is a fun thing to do with kids because there’s a lot of mixing and pouring and measuring. And that’s something we enjoy doing together.”

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8. They eat breakfast together

Home Sweet Home! Nothing better than returning to these 3 little 's!

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Breakfast is family time for Ivanka, her husband, and their children. Breakfast is a time for everyone to discuss what their day looks like before going to work or school. “Starting the day together as a family and chatting over breakfast before we all head off in different directions” is the most important part of her morning, according to Trump.

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9. Breakfast food is limited to two options for the kids

Ivanka Trump

Trump in the morning | Ivanka Trump via Instagram

Trump makes breakfast simple for her kids on weekdays. They can choose Greek yogurt or “fancy” oatmeal with lots of toppings. Breakfast for herself is more of a mystery. Maybe she makes meals from her website.

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10. Ivanka consciously avoids decision fatigue

Ivanka Trump Launches Her Spring 2011 Lifestyle Collection Of Footwear At The Topanga Nordstrom

We wonder how much decision fatigue she goes through picking one of her many shoe designs. | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Ivanka gives her kids only two choices for breakfast because she wants to protect them from decision fatigue. This is when one person makes so many decisions they eventually have difficulty making any decisions at all, according to The New York Times. Having her kids choose only between yogurt and oatmeal doesn’t drain their mental energy, thereby saving their reserves for more important decisions.

Additional reporting by Mandi Kerr.

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