The Ridiculous Reason a Mom Was Called ‘Disgusting’ For Letting Her Child Eat

If you’ve ever spent the day running errands with your child, you might have packed them a snack to enjoy midway through. Adults might be fine with ignoring their cravings, but kids tend to get cranky when they’re hungry.

But one mother’s lunch option warranted serious harassment from other moms. Check out page 3 for to learn what she did.

Peanut allergies are more common in children than ever before

Jar of peanut butter with nuts. On wooden texture.

More kids are allergic to peanuts than ever before. | sergoua/iStock/Getty Images

According to, peanut allergies are especially common among children aged three or younger. Today, these types of allergies affect between 1% and 2% of children and can be extremely life-threatening. Most children who are allergic to peanuts also have tree nut allergies and should be careful around any products that may contain different types of nuts. Children who have asthma along with an allergy are at a greater risk of developing a more severe reaction.

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But most parents don’t think about it when letting their children eat in public

Baby eating ice cream

It wasn’t always a big deal to let kids eat in public. | Indomain/iStock/Getty Images

Parents didn’t grow up in the same world as their children. Years ago, it was fine to eat anything anywhere because allergies were less common and less discussed. But today, eating in public can warrant unwanted attention from other parents. One serious risk of allowing a child to eat in public is the potential to spread an allergen onto a public service, such as a table — or in the following case, a shopping cart.

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The mother allowed her child to eat a peanut butter and jelly in a shopping cart

Girl holding carrots in grocery store

The controversy started when a mother let her daughter snack at the store. |

One mother was shopping at Target and allowed her daughter to snack on a peanut butter and jelly while she browsed. SFGate reported that another woman approached her and sternly explained to her how awful she was for letting her daughter eat peanut butter in a public place. Afterward, the mother took to a blog and asked fellow moms if she was in the wrong. The responses it elicited were shocking.

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Some parents said her ignorance was ‘disgusting’

Your risk factor can lie within your family genes.

Internet commenters savaged this parenting move. |

The mothers on the blog did not let her down easily. According to Fox News, one post read, “Everything about your post is vile,” in response to the Target mother’s initial sharing of her story. That same blogger also said her disdain for the safety of other kids was awful. Parents on the blog basically said that letting her child openly eat an allergen in public was an example of terrible, selfish parenting.

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Parents commented on the germs

shopping cart in a grocery store aisle

Shopping carts are generally filthy. | shironosov/iStock/Getty Images

Other parents also got on her case for allowing her daughter to eat in something as germy as a shopping cart. An average grocery store cart has about 73,000 culture-forming units per square inch. For reference, that’s 361 times’ the amount on a bathroom door handle. Parents were horrified that the woman would allow her daughter to eat a sandwich while in the grocery cart; the girl likely touched the handle multiple times.

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They said her child will grow up to be just as ‘obnoxious’ as her

Mother and little daughter looking out the window at airport

This mother is being criticized online. | travnikovstudio/iStock/Getty Images

One post accused the woman of having an, “I don’t care” attitude. That poster also said her child will grow up to be just as obnoxious as her mother. The poster accused the mother of not being a grown up and simply telling her child she can’t eat right now for fear of making other children sick.

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But accidental exposure isn’t something people always think about

Schools are taking nut allergies very seriously. | Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

It wasn’t until recent years that peanut allergies were taken so seriously. In elementary schools a few years ago, kids used to simply have to make their teachers aware of their allergy. Today, some elementary schools go as far as banning nut products all together in order to ensure the safety of the student. But since today’s parents didn’t grow up in that same environment, the importance of preventing an allergic reaction sometimes gets overlooked.

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