The Most Romantic (and Most Scandalous) Moments Between Chip and Joanna Gaines on ‘Fixer Upper’

Fixer Upper couldn’t have been the same without Chip and Joanna Gaines front and center. Their lovingly southern charm won us over from the first time we peeked into their lives in Waco, Texas. Upon the show ending after its fifth and final season, we can’t help but reflect on all the sweet moments between the couple.

No matter how many adorable moments are at the forefront of the show, it’s hard not to acknowledge some of the darker secrets surrounding their success on HGTV. Here are the most romantic moments between Chip and Joanna, as well as the scandals that will go down in Fixer Upper’s history.

Getting serious about their love for each other

Chip and Joanna Gaines smiling together.

They’re not afraid to show off they fun sides. | HGTV

The Gaineses typically show their love by goofing off with each other. So when they actually get serious about their love for each other, we can’t help but swoon. Joanna once said of Chip on Fixer Upper, “I knew when I married the guy it was going to be an adventurous life. And it hasn’t been boring yet.”

Chip has certainly reciprocated the love for his wife. He confessed, “Who won in life? Me. Because I got to marry you.”

Chip’s support of Joanna’s vision for the Silos

Joanna Gaines' Instagram post.

They have such kind things to say about each other. | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

When Joanna revealed her vision for the Silos on Fixer Upper, Chip supported his wife from the very beginning. He helped her bring her ideas to reality, which Joanna was clearly grateful for.

Once it came time for the “Silobration,” she wrote in an Instagram post, “Today I am extra grateful for the man who continually pushes me to dream. Big. Your support and leadership challenges me to think beyond what’s possible.”

Even the history behind the Silos has a romantic connection to their past. The small building on the property that has been turned into Joanna’s Silos Baking Co. bakery was once a flower shop. It’s where Chip would oftentimes buy roses for Joanna during their dating days — so it’s understandable that it’s “Joanna’s favorite part of the property,” according to HGTV.

Complimenting each other’s skills

The Gainses having fun during demolition day.

They admire each other’s talents. | HGTV

Working together with your spouse could definitely cause some tension. Instead, Chip and Joanna only get competitive if it’s friendly, and compliment each other endlessly. Chip once admitted to Country Living Magazine, “She has my back. And I have hers — in all things.”

They’ve definitely proven this philosophy on Fixer Upper. When Chip once did some heavy-lifting, Joanna boasted to their children, “Look how strong he is!”

Joanna gets serious praise from her husband, too. Chip bragged, “Jo comes in at the end and picks some paint colors and everybody’s like, ‘Woo! Yeah!’”

They really are best friends

Chip and Joanna Gaines sitting on a chair in front of a fireplace.

They have great chemistry even when the cameras are away. | HGTV

On top of being married, co-workers, and parents, Chip and Joanna are truly best friends. Joanna even wrote on her blog, “I don’t think either one of us has ever felt the urge to say, ‘I need a break from you.’”

We’ve been able to clearly see just how much they love being around each other on Fixer Upper. Chip is known to crack jokes here and there (aka all the time), and Joanna can’t seem to get enough of it.

Chip’s “humble” attitude was put on display during Fixer Upper, once claiming, “When I think about being married to me, I think, that’s gotta be easy livin’. Easy.” His humor will definitely be one of the things we miss most once Fixer Upper is done for good.

However … not everything’s been smooth-sailing with HGTV

Joanna Gaines holds up a photo of a lawn.

They’ve had their share of troubles. | HGTV

It’s still hard to believe that the Gaineses would step away from the empire they’ve build with Fixer Upper. Though they’ve claimed their reasoning for leaving HGTV is to spend more time with their family, there may be something a little darker under the surface.

According to Vanity Fair, a source claimed that Chip and Joanna were upset when HGTV refused to allow their Magnolia Market home décor line to be featured on Fixer Upper. They’ve clearly put a lot into building their brand, so it’s no surprise that they’ve butted heads with HGTV’s network, Scripps Networks Interactive.

“They kept insisting on showing things with the Magnolia label, even though Scripps does not have a partnership with them on that stuff,” the source explained. “This isn’t how business is done with Scripps. You have to come to some arrangement if you want to show your products on your HGTV show.”

They hate seeing ‘Fixer Upper’ homes as vacation rentals

Whitney and Martin Gaspar prepare to see their completed fixer upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines.

There is a creative conflict. | HGTV

If we know anything about Joanna, it’s that she puts time into the details of creating every client’s dream home. With so much focus on the client, it understandably hurt when she and Chip found out “at least six Fixer Upper homes are listed as vacation rentals,” according to The Waco Tribune.

Whether on Airbnb or VRBO, these clients are profiting off of Joanna’s hard work by noting on the listings, “as seen on HGTV’s Fixer Upper.

A spokesperson for Magnolia Homes told The Tribune, “We want to honor our national viewing audience. We want to do remodels for clients’ homes.” He continued, “That’s the true intent of our show, and we want to ensure that does not get lost in this new vacation rental trend.”

Chip has been sued by his former business partners

Chip and Joanna Gaines prepare for demo day on HGTV's 'Fixer Upper'.

This scandal was surprising. |

The Gaineses’ success hasn’t come with a bit of scandal involved. Two of Chip’s former business partners at Magnolia Real Estate Company, John Lewis and Richard Clark, have filed a lawsuit against him for $1 million.

They claimed Chip had bought them out with no communication, and only two days later, Chip went public with the news of getting picked up by HGTV. Lewis told People, “There was a sense of betrayal and frustration. Once I had sold him my interest in the company and his show began to flourish, I never heard from him again.”

Chip responded to the allegations by taking to Twitter. He wrote, “Fyi: Ive had the same cell # 15 yrs.. same email for 20 yrs. No one called or emailed? 4 years later “friends” reach out via lawsuit.. humm.”

Rumors of their marriage being on the rocks

Chip and Joanna talking in front of a house.

They seem to be doing just fine! | HGTV

Chip and Joanna are so happy together on Fixer Upper that some people just can’t believe it’s genuine. Rumors of divorce have been circulating around the couple, but both have adamantly denied the speculations. Chip once wrote on Twitter about the rumors, “Won’t ever happen.. you can take that to the bank! #loveOfMyLife.”

He has admitted that things aren’t always perfect, but they have methods to keeping their relationship strong: “Every now and then there are times when we notice we’re getting off track and have to regroup.” He continued, “But it’s like everything we care about, everything that’s important to us — we know it’s going to require work.”

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