Royal Feud: The Real Reason the Queen May Never Truly Accept Camilla

Britain's Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall taste local wine

The queen hasn’t exactly always been pleased with these two | Anthony Phelps/AFP/Getty Images

British royal gossip is something Americans can’t seem to get enough of these days. From Prince William and Kate Middleton to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, we have an endless amount of royal drama to keep up with.

No couple has spurred more of it than Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles. Although they’ve now been happily married for years, their love affair had a public scandalous start — it’s no secret that they carried on an affair while Prince Charles was still married to Princess Diana.

Needless to say, Queen Elizabeth has not always approved of Camilla, and recent reports indicate that Camilla might be feuding with more royal family members (No. 9). Let’s take a quick look at their troubling history and the real reason why the queen may never fully accept Camilla. Prince Charles and Camilla’s love story is also more depressing than you realize (No. 11).

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1. Bad royal blood

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II and Camilla have some issues | Bruno Vincent/Getty Images

It’s no secret that the queen has not been a fan of Camilla in the past. One night in 1998 — a year after Princess Diana’s death — her Royal Highness had a few martinis and called Camilla a “wicked woman.”

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2. The affair to remember

Camilla Parker-Bowles and Prince Charles arrive at Lacock Cyraiax Church

The relationship became an affair. | Carl de Souza/AFP/Getty Images 

While Queen Elizabeth’s treatment of Camilla may seem harsh, it’s also understandable. After all, the queen wasn’t thrilled when she learned her son was having an affair.

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3. The adultery destroyed Diana

princess diana in a red coat and hat

Princess Diana was deeply hurt by the affair. | Hulton Archive/Getty Images

It may seem as if the queen is simply being protective of the late Princess Diana. Diana knew of the affair almost the entire time it was happening — in fact, she and Camilla once had a famous confrontation.

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4. The queen was cold to Charles after Diana died

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles

She even treated her own son differently. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

On the fatal early morning that Princess Diana was killed, both Charles and Queen Elizabeth were staying in Balmoral. They received the bad news at the same time (first that she was gravely injured, then that she’d died), but they didn’t turn to each other for comfort. In fact, the queen was reportedly cold to Charles and banished Camilla from family gatherings.

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5. The queen hates drama

Queen Elizabeth II is seated at her desk in her private audience room at Buckingham Palace

Still, she eventually got over it. | Mary McCartney/Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II via Getty Images

But the real reason the queen may never accept Camilla into the family is because she’s not a fan of drama or scandal, which there was plenty of when Camilla and Charles were having an affair. Both the queen and Prince Phillip reportedly put pressure on Charles to marry Diana, which they were hoping would be a long, scandal-free union. Sadly, there is new drama surrounding Camilla and other royal family members (No. 9).

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6. Here’s why Camilla may never be queen

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall waits for her carriage as she leaves the Palace of Westminster

Camilla will never be queen. | Alastair Grant – WPA Pool/Getty Images

There’s plenty of gossip over who will be the next king and queen, with Prince William and Kate likely being the top contenders. Many people think that’s because Queen Elizabeth doesn’t approve of Camilla. But the real reason may be more technical: Technically, Camilla and Charles may not be considered legally married.

According to ancient law, all royals have to be married in the Church of England and aren’t allowed to have civil ceremonies. But Charles and Camilla did have a civil ceremony, so the queen could use that to her advantage if she really wanted to.

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7. A change of heart

Queen Elizabeth and Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall

It’s all about tradition. | Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Believe it or not, despite her cutting comments in the past, Queen Elizabeth is actually quite fond of Camilla. The two had a warm relationship when Camilla and Charles dated many years ago (before Diana), and the queen eventually gave them her blessing to marry, even giving a heartwarming speech at the reception. Her disapproval of the affair doesn’t mean she doesn’t care for Camilla as a person.

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8. An alleged new feud begins

Queen Elizabeth II

This is what went down in more recent history. | Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Of course, this isn’t to suggest that the relationship between Camilla and the queen is perfect. In fact, rumor has it that there’s been more tension recently over something dubbed “Operation 70,” which is Camilla’s alleged efforts to get Charles named the king on his 70th birthday. This is all just hearsay, but apparently, the queen was furious when she found out.

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9. Trouble with other royal family members

Kate Middleton and Prince William at the diplomatic reception

Could Camilla also have beef with Kate Middleton? | Dominic Lipinski/Getty Images

While the feud with the queen over Charles’ status may be imaginary, there might actually be some truth to it. Rumor has it that there’s some tension between Camilla and Kate Middleton as well, and it’s for the same reason — Prince William may be the next in line for the throne, and both ladies think their husbands are the most deserving, which puts them at odds with each other.

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10. Camilla’s reputation has never been great

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla

She is not a loved member of the family. | Arthur Edwards – WPA Pool/Getty Images

After Diana died, the British public seemed to turn on Charles and Camilla, who was always viewed negatively as the “other woman.” And in August 2017, when new tapes of interviews with the late Princess Diana were released, a new disdain for both Charles and Camilla seemed to pop up … especially when Diana said Charles had once told her, “I refuse to be the only Prince of Wales never to have a mistress.”

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11. The start of their love story is sort of sad

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles arrive for a party at Windsor Castle

This is the story behind Camilla and Charles’ long history. | JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images

Most people know that Charles and Camilla dated when they were both very young, before she married Andrew Parker-Bowles and before he met Diana. But what many aren’t aware of is that Charles was madly in love with Camilla, who ended up going back to her ex (Andrew) and marrying him. It was said that Camilla wasn’t a good fit for Charles, in part because she wasn’t “virginal.”

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12. Charles and Camilla found their way back to each other

Prince Charles and Camilla

Some would say, this part of the story is quite romantic. | Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images

Despite marrying other people, eventually, Charles and Camilla reunited. Neither of them were divorced yet, but no one can deny the fact that their marriages weren’t happy (Camilla’s first husband was reportedly unfaithful to her the entire time they were married). And while none of this excuses what they did to Diana, had they simply been allowed to be together in the first place, they may have avoided breaking Diana’s heart.

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13. Big shoes to fill

Princess Diana arriving at a charity gala in Washington.

The impact of Diana is still felt to this day. | KEVIN LARKIN/AFP/Getty Images

Despite the fact that Diana has been dead for over 20 years, the public was slow to warm up to Charles and Camilla as a couple. Camilla is still constantly compared to Diana, and Prince William and Prince Harry reportedly talk about her every day.

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14. Is Camilla lashing out?

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and the Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge arrive at Horse Guards Parade for the annual Trooping The Colour parade

Camilla herself may be harsh. | Jack Taylor/Getty Images

It may seem as if the queen’s judgement of Camilla has been harsh, but apparently, it hasn’t taught Camilla much about judging others. Not only did she allegedly believe Kate Middleton was “too common” for Prince William, but reportedly she’s privately expressed her disapproval of Meghan Markle because she’s American and doesn’t have a royal background.

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