Royal Feuds Revealed: This Is What the Queen Really Thinks About Camilla

Queen Elizabeth II and Camilla have known each other for years. However, the relationship has been extremely volatile during many of those years. Camilla, Prince Charles’ mistress and now wife, essentially tore apart Charles’ marriage to Princess Diana. Read on to find out what the queen really thought about Camilla’s presence in her son’s life, plus what the queen’s relationship with her is like today.

Camilla and the queen had a close relationship when Camilla was younger

a younger Charles and the queen

The queen liked Camilla before the scandals and affair. | Reg Burkett/Daily Express/Getty Images

The queen was very fond of Camilla when Camilla was younger. The queen mother, Queen Elizabeth I, was the godmother of Andrew Parker Bowles, Camilla’s first husband. So Camilla and her husband visited the palace often. Thus, Camilla and Charles had known each other for many years before their affair began, and in that time, the queen enjoyed her company.

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The queen did not take well to the affair

Diana walking with Camilla

The queen was angry at what Camilla had done to Diana. | Express Newspapers/Getty Images

When the queen learned about the affair, she was livid. She felt Charles had done something irreparably irresponsible. And she was angry Camilla agreed to sneak around with the prince and that he was not more mindful of his wife and reputation. The queen had a lot of respect for Princess Diana, who was extremely upset when she found out about everything. As a result, the queen lost her respect for Camilla.

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The queen banned Camilla from the palace premises

aerial view of Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace was off limits to Camilla for years. | Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

When the queen found out about Charles’ affair with Camilla, she banned Camilla from the palace. It was for the best — after all, Charles and Diana were still married. The queen decided “that woman does not cross the threshold,” a friend told The Daily Mail. However, when the queen was away, the media reported Charles invited Camilla to stay at the palace with him. He said, “When the cat’s away, the mice will play.” It wasn’t until years later that the queen lifted her infamous ban.

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The queen did not attend Charles’ 50th birthday party

Charles and Camilla getting into a car

The couple began appearing in public not long after Diana’s death. | Sinead Lynch/AFP/Getty Images

The drama resurfaced when the queen failed to make an appearance at Charles’ 50th birthday party. The party was planned by William and Harry, but they invited Camilla to attend with Charles. The queen and her husband did not show. And the media blamed it on the rocky relationship between the queen and Camilla. Charles’ birthday party was only a little more than a year after Diana’s death.

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She eventually gave the pair permission to marry

Charles and Camilla at their civil ceremony

Prince Charles and Camilla married in 2005. | Chris Ison/AFP/Getty Images

In 2005, seven years after the birthday party scandal, Charles and Camilla married. And the queen gave her blessing. However, the queen did not attend the civil ceremony. A statement from Buckingham Palace said Charles and Camilla wanted to keep the ceremony low key, which is why the queen did not attend. But many people saw it as her way of getting the last word in about her real thoughts on the marriage. The queen did hold the reception and attend the blessing after the ceremony, though.

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She asked Camilla to be her carriage companion

Queen Elizabeth and Camilla riding in a carriage

This was an important gesture to the public. | Eamonn M. McCormack/WPA-Pool/Getty Images

In 2012, the queen included Camilla in her Diamond Jubilee celebration, which came as a huge surprise to many people around the world. The queen’s husband, Prince Philip, did not attend the celebration because he was sick. Instead, the queen asked Camilla to sit beside her in the royal carriage during a procession to celebrate the queen’s 60 years in charge. Seven years after Camilla and Charles married, it seemed like the queen had once again begun to like her.

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Camilla was elevated to the queen’s highest advisory body

Camilla and Queen Elizabeth at an event

The feud seems to be over. | Chris Radburn-WPA Pool/Getty Images

The queen celebrated her 90th birthday in 2016. And with that birthday came a lot of decisions — the queen knew she needed to begin preparations for after she’s gone. She elevated Camilla to Privy Council, the highest advisory body. The elevation was meant to prepare the public for the next round of rulers: Prince Charles and Camilla. And it made many people question whether Camilla would be known as “Queen Camilla,” which has yet to be determined. Regardless, it appears that the queen and Camilla have patched up their royal feud.

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