7 Royal Photos That Have Everyone Outraged Over Kate Middleton’s Recent Parenting Choice

The royal family has faced plenty of controversy in the past. But Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has stayed out of the majority of it. As a wife and mother, she lives an incredibly busy life. When she brought her family to a charity event, she probably never thought the day would result in headlines bashing her parenting skills. But it happened — maybe for a completely innocent reason.

We may know the real reason George’s mother let him play with a controversial toy (page 5) — but as a young royal, there are certain toys we’ll never see him enjoying (page 7).

1. The royal family’s guns

The royal family at the Trooping The Colour event.

The royal family has ties to the royal military. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

  • Members of the family have been trained to respect and properly handle firearms.

Members of the British royal family have hunted for sport for decades. But those who have served in the military were taught to treat guns with respect. Kate Middleton’s “polo match controversy” has some critics convinced otherwise.

Expert Kelly Lynch said, “The Royals have either served in the armed forces or are married to someone who has served. They’ve learned to respect firearms as deadly weapons, and hopefully teach their children about gun safety from a young age.”

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2. Princess Charlotte played with her sunglasses

Princess Charlotte in her sunglasses.

Critics were quick to point out Princess Charlotte’s behavior. | Zesty_celebrity via Instagram

  • Charlotte wasn’t interested in playing with her brother’s toys.

Kate Middleton’s controversial parenting move launched a discussion about political issues. People also discussed what William and Kate’s kids played with during a polo match.

The young princess was pictured running and playing on the grass without shoes. When she wasn’t actually wearing her sunglasses, they served as her innocent toy of choice.

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3. Prince George’s toy gun

Prince George aiming his toy gun.

Prince George was spotted playing with a plastic gun. | Daisy Torme via Instagram

  • Many people thought the choice was insensitive.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte joined the Duchess of Cambridge on a family outing to watch William play in a charity polo match. The young royals didn’t have a hard time staying entertained, but one of George’s toys unexpectedly made headlines.

He was photographed pretending to shoot a plastic gun some thought looked unnecessarily realistic. One Twitter user wrote: “Sad to see George playing with a gun when the whole country has a gun/knife crime situation.”

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4. He also had a toy knife

Prince George playing with his toy knife.

Prince George was also seen holding a toy knife. | MaisyMooCow via Instagram

  • A toy water gun wasn’t the only object that sparked controversy.

Though the gun was the toy that made headlines, it wasn’t the only questionable thing he played with during the polo match. He also held a toy knife.

Kate Middleton reportedly didn’t buy either of these toys for her son. The polo match held a children’s fair, and he likely chose them himself as prizes.

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5. This might be the reason Kate let him play with a water gun

Kate Middleton playing outside with Prince George.

Kate Middleton allowed her son to have some fun. | Copywriting4u via Instagram

  • George asked for a toy police car for Christmas.

Young kids’ interests often fluctuate as they get older. The prince has apparently been interested in police for awhile, and saw no harm in pretending to hold one like the officers he admired. He even asked for a toy police car for Christmas.

His mother likely didn’t think twice about letting her son play with a water gun. It kept him entertained, despite Twitter taking offense to it.

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6. These weren’t the only toys he played with

Prince George playing with handcuffs.

Prince George was seen holding a pair of toy handcuffs. | RoyallyPetite via Instagram

  • The children’s fair offered a variety of prize options, most of them entirely harmless.

Could Kate have refused to let her son play with a toy gun? Perhaps. But she also could have — and likely did — offer him the other toys he collected throughout the day.

It’s unlikely even two fair prizes could have kept two kids occupied for the duration of a polo match. George and his sister also played with toy handcuffs — he loves all things police-related, after all — and a slinky.

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7. Kate would never let him play with these

The Duke Of Cambridge And Prince Harry Play In Gigaset Charity Polo Match.

They have always followed most of the rules set in place. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

  • iPads, video games, and one particular board game are off-limits.

Though you might assume princes and princesses get everything they want, this isn’t the case for Kate Middleton’s kids. She and Will set limits, as they should.

Among the handful of things George, Charlotte, and Louis will never play with, video games and Monopoly are at the top of the list. The duke and duchess also limit the amount of toys each child can have at a time. Even if a water gun isn’t considered a good parenting choice, not spoiling your child definitely is.

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