Royal Wedding: What Prince William Being Named Best Man Says About His Relationship With Prince Harry

When it comes to what we know about the royal wedding, the makeup of the wedding party remains a bit of a mystery. But we did get a glimpse less than a month ahead of the big day when Kensington Palace announced that Prince William has accepted the best man honors for the groom, Prince Harry.

But this isn’t just Harry asking his brother to be in the wedding party. It gives us another glimpse into the relationship between the two princes. (And check out page 6 to see why their bond is so unique.)

The announcement

Prince William and Harry Visit Botswana - Day 2

William is honored to be his brother’s best man. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Prince William joked back in January 2018 he had yet to be asked to be best man at his brother’s wedding. But in April, Kensington Palace revealed in a statement that the second in line to the throne had received the call. “The Duke of Cambridge is honoured to have been asked, and is very much looking forward to supporting his brother at St George’s Chapel, Windsor on May 19th,” the statement says.

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Prince Harry was the best man in William’s wedding

William, Kate and Harry

Prince Harry was William’s best man. | Kirsty Wigglesworth/AFP/Getty Images

When Prince William got married to Kate Middleton in 2011, Prince Harry was the one to uphold the best man duties. This also said a lot about Prince Harry’s relationship with his brother’s wife, who he has previously said is like a sister to him.

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Growing up royal

Princess Diana, Prince Harry, Prince William, and Prince Charles

The brothers have always been close. | Johnny Eggitt/AFP/Getty Images

While some siblings don’t grow close until they are adults, Princes Harry and William have maintained a close relationship since they were children. Their relationship became especially close in times of tragedy when their mother, Princess Diana, tragically died in a car crash in 1997.

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A real show of their bond

The brothers can rely on each other for support. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

There’s no greater show of the princes’ friendship than when Prince William supported his brother going to therapy. Prince Harry’s former party boy antics were a result of grieving his mother’s death, and he eventually turned to his brother for support when he decided it was time to get help and start healing.

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Working together

Prince Harry, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

The younger royals work together on charity initiatives. | Alastair Grant – WPA Pool/Getty Images

While the princes have some varying interests, Prince Harry and “his best man” have their charitable endeavors rolled up into one driving vehicle. The Royal Foundation — which Kate Middleton is also a patron of — houses all of their charity efforts, many of which are inspired by Princess Diana herself.

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This connection isn’t seen in other royal siblings

Things have been famously tense between Prince Andrew and Prince Charles for decades. | Johnny Eggitt/AFP/Getty Images

Growing up royal doesn’t necessarily mean you get along with your siblings. The princes’ father, Prince Charles, has been at odds with his siblings for years. Things have been particularly tense recently as the Prince of Wales readies to wear the crown after Queen Elizabeth.

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The brothers’ future

Duchess Kate, Prince William, Markle, and Prince Harry on Christmas Day 2017.

Duchess Kate, Prince William, Markle, and Prince Harry on Christmas Day 2017. | Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty Images

After the Duke of Cambridge serves as Prince Harry’s best man, there’s no doubt they will continue working closely with each other. The two also live close to each other, so there’s no reason to think they won’t continue to be a huge part of each other’s growing families.

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