Beware! These Rx Meds Can Cause Deadly Side Effects to Your Body

You have your morning routine on lockdown — you get up, get dressed, and make coffee. But does your routine also include popping a prescription med or two? If so, you’ve got company. Prescription drug use has risen over the years. The Jama Network reported nearly 60% of U.S. adults were on an Rx med in 2012. The Network also found 15% of adults took over five prescriptions. This is especially true for adults over 50, AARP notes.

So, what are most people taking? The most common meds treat high cholesterol, depression, and high blood pressure. And if you take one of these prescriptions, you expect them to be helpful, not harmful. Unfortunately, that’s not always true. Watch out for these dangerous Rx meds that can cause serious harm to your body.

1. Klonopin

man sitting on a staircase with his head in his hands

This is a serious anti-anxiety medication that’s potentially addictive. |

Used for: anxiety and panic disorders

Klonopin has made some unfavorable headlines because it’s often abused. Like Xanax, it can be addictive, so it’s possible to develop cravings and experience withdrawal symptoms if not taken as prescribed. Overuse aside, says it’s still possible to experience lack of muscle control, memory problems, trouble speaking, or a general “ill” feeling. It’s rare, but it’s also possible to have severe mental changes, such as feeling like you’re having an out-of-body experience.

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